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  • Indonesia Studying Temporary Exemption for Export of Raw Minerals

    Although Indonesia continues with its plan to ban the export of raw minerals from 2014 onward as stipulated by the 2009 Mining Law, the government is studying the possibility to exempt companies temporarily from this rule if they show serious intentions to build processing factories or smelters in Indonesia in order to produce value-added products. Indonesia is still mainly a raw commodity-exporting country and thus misses out on value-added revenue while being more susceptible to volatility in commodity prices on the global market.

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  • Fraser Institute Survey: Indonesia's Mining Sector Needs Legal Certainty

    In a new survey, conducted by the Fraser Institute, that assesses the state of the investment climate in the mining sector in 2012-2013 in countries around the globe, Indonesia is ranked at number 96. Both tax and regulatory uncertainties in Indonesia's mining sector are cited as reasons for the low ranking of the country. As investments in the mining sector are capital intensive and long-term in nature, investors thus need a clear legal framework that is not susceptible to sudden changes due to political issues.

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  • Survey: Indonesia's Mining Sector Not Conducive for Foreign Investment

    Indonesia has been named one of the world's least attractive places regarding foreign investment in the mining sector according to a survey conducted by Canadian think-tank the Fraser Institute. Major concerns include legal uncertainty and red tape (bureacracy). Moreover, the country has been showing a worsening trend in recent years as its rank declined from 72th in 2009 to 97th in 2013.

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  • Weak Legal Certainty; Indonesia Ranks Lowest in Mining Sector

    The Indonesian Mining Institute (IMI) is concerned about foreign perceptions of Indonesia's mining sector. According to the Fraser Institute, a Toronto-based public policy research and educational organization, Indonesia now ranks lowest in terms of the "state of the investment climate in the mining sector across the world". A new survey, conducted by the Canadian think-tank, shows that Indonesia's recently introduced government policies (stemming from the New Mining Law) that affect the activities in the mining sector has seriously undermined foreigners' confidence in a conducive investment climate in Indonesia's mining sector.

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