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  • Looking Back at Indonesia's 2018 Eid al-Fitr Holiday

    The extended Eid al-Fitr holiday is now over and everyone should be back at work per Monday (25/06). Indonesia's capital city of Jakarta is also, again, plagued by heavy traffic congestion. In fact, traffic congestion should be slightly worse than before the holiday because it is estimated that more than 72,000 newcomers settled in Jakarta after this year's Eid al-Fitr holiday.

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  • Traffic Accidents & Casualties Decline during This Year's Eid al-Fitr

    The number of traffic accidents and casualties declined drastically during this year's Eid al-Fitr holiday, the celebrations that mark the end of the Ramadan month. Traditionally, tens of millions of people travel from the urban areas back to their places of origin to spend a couple of days with their families (a tradition known as mudik in Indonesia). This exodus at the start of the holiday (and inflow at the end of the holiday) usually leads to many casualties, primarily because people become tired after driving for many hours.

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  • Waskita Karya Shares Down after Gov't Halts Elevated Construction Projects

    Shares of listed construction company Waskita Karya are under pressure on Wednesday (21/02) after the Indonesian government decided to temporary halt all elevated construction projects that involve girder installations (which include projects such as flyover toll roads, bridge construction, and the light rail transit, or LRT).

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  • Mudik Tradition Indonesia: Fewer Idul Fitri Traffic Accidents

    Indonesian police informed that there were less traffic accidents during this year's Idul Fitri exodus compared to preceding years. Idul Fitri, a national week-long holiday, marks the end of the Islamic fasting month (Ramadan) and is a big happening in Indonesia. Ahead of Idul Fitri millions of workers who live in the cities travel to their places of origin to spend some days with their families. Locally, this tradition is known as "mudik" ("going home").

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  • Cruise Ship Damages Coral Reef in Indonesia's Raja Ampat

    The Indonesian government said it will take immediate action after British cruise ship Caledonian Sky, operated by British-based company Noble Caledonia, seriously damaged part of the coral reefs in Raja Ampat (Papua) in a shipwreck accident that happened on 4 March 2017. Immediate action could include the extradition of the ship's captain back to Indonesia. After the accident the Caledonian Sky sailed further to the Philippines.

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  • Freeport Indonesia: Copper Export Ceased & another Fatal Accident

    Today, Freeport Indonesia and the Indonesian government will continue negotiations regarding the miner’s request to export 575,000 tons of copper over the next six months. Freeport’s previous export permit expired on 25 July and as the local unit of US mining giant Freeport McMoRan has not yet met demands of the government it failed to get an extension for copper concentrate exports. As a result, shares of parent company Freeport McMoran Inc. tumbled 9.90 percent on the New York Stock Exchange on Friday (24/07).

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  • Strike at Freeport Indonesia’s Grasberg Mine May Support Global Copper Prices

    Due to a strike at Freeport Indonesia’s Grasberg mine in Papua, the company’s copper production has fallen by about a third thus leading to speculation that global copper prices may increase after having fallen almost ten percent in 2014. About one thousand workers of Freeport Indonesia have been on strike since the second week of October after a fatal accident at the end of last month. The workers request the sacking of around 50 managers at the subsidiary of US-based Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold.

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  • Latest News Update: Boat Carrying Indonesians Sinks off Coast Malaysia

    On Thursday (19/06), Malaysian rescuers intensified the search for 26 missing Indonesians after their wooden boat had capsized during a storm on Wednesday (18/06) while making the journey from Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) to Indonesia (Aceh, Sumatra). Nine people have died, while 26 persons remain missing. At least 62 people have survived the disaster. Reportedly, the boat, carrying mostly illegal Indonesian workers who returned to Indonesia to participate in the Ramadan and Idul Fitri festivities, was overloaded.

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  • Indonesia's Idul Fitri Traffic Causes many Accidents, Casualties and Injuries

    According to Indonesia's police department, heavy traffic caused by the Idul Fitri celebrations resulted in the deaths of more than 471 people as well as 740 seriously injured people in over 2000 traffic accidents. Most accidents are caused by drivers that fall asleep during the journey. Idul Fitri marks the end of the holy fasting month (Ramadan) and is one of the major national holidays in Indonesia. This year Idul Fitri fell on Thursday 8 August and, as usual, is accompanied by the tradition that Indonesians travel back to their places of birth.

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  • Lion Air Boeing 737-800 Crashes into Sea Nearby Bali Runway

    A Lion Air airplane, with flight number JT 904, that flew from Bandung (West Java) to Bali crashed into the sea just a few dozen meters away from the runway at Bali's International I Gusti Ngurah Rai Airport (which is located directly next to the sea) in Denpasar. Of the 101 passengers only one passenger is in critical condition, others have sustained minor injuries. According to sources, the aircraft did not touch the runway but completely overshot it.

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  • Copper Production at Freeport Indonesia Still Not Back on Track

    Production is still not back on track at Freeport Indonesia’s Grasberg mine in Papua as around 1,000 workers have not showed up for work since the second week of October. These workers refuse to work after a series of (fatal) incidents that led to concern about safety policies. In May 2013, 28 Freeport Indonesia workers died after a tunnel collapsed. More recently, in late September 2014, four workers died after a giant haulage truck collided with another vehicle (carrying nine passengers) at the Grasberg mine.

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