Meanwhile, Indonesians are also becoming more aware of their health, thus causing many to have adopted a healthier lifestyle. Unfortunately, the number of restaurants offering healthy food is very limited in Indonesia. Moreover, the price of healthy food in local restaurants is quite expensive. It therefore seems as if culinary business in Indonesia particularly focuses on encouraging unhealthy lifestyles. For example, junk food is readily available and very popular.

Indonesia's Ministry of Health reported that Jakarta ranked first among all provinces in Indonesia in terms of highest obesity ratio. This capital city had the highest obesity rate at 39.7 percent in 2016 (data of Renstra Kemenkes 2015-2019). This figure is 2.5 times higher than that of East Nusa Tenggara, the province with the lowest obesity rate (at 15.2 percent). Dr. Mahesa Paranadipa, MH, Chief of Bidang Organisasi dan Sistem Informasi Kelembagaan PB IDI, explained that the high obesity rate in Jakarta is the result of unhealthy dietary habits of the people as they prefer to eat unhealthy food, especially junk food. In addition, they tend to have inactive lifestyles.

Healthy Café & Ropang Movement

Concerned about the lack of healthy lifestyle options in Indonesia, Lemonilo emerged as a technology-based brand producing natural and healthy products, partnering with hundreds of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) around the country. Now, together with several culinary entrepreneurs, Lemonilo launched the “Healthy Café & Ropang Movement” (“Ropang” is Indonesian slang for local cafes that focus on selling toasts and instant noodle dishes).

Lemonilo started this movement by offering instant noodles made from natural ingredients with affordable prices in restaurants and cafes around Jakarta. These noodles are free from artificial preservatives, coloring, and added monosodium glutamate (MSG). As a part of this movement, Lemonilo and its restaurant partners will organize events that promote a healthy lifestyle. Currently, What’s Up Café (which has 12 branches and outlets), Department of Juicetice, Warung Overtaste, Farmer’s Bowl, Roti Eneng, Kolary Coffee, and Medifit have joined the movement. Lemonilo also welcomes other culinary entrepreneurs to participate in this campaign.

"We hope that by providing healthier options in those restaurants that previously did not offer healthy menus, Indonesians can start leading a healthier lifestyle per direct. The prices of the healthy food are also affordable, starting from IDR 18,000 (approx. USD $1.25), so that everyone can enjoy it," said Lemonilo CEO Shinta Nurfauzia.

"In the future, Lemonilo plans to expand the movement by inviting all culinary entrepreneurs in Indonesia to join the movement in order to achieve a healthier Indonesia. The way to do it is very simple; by offering an affordable healthier menu with Lemonilo," added Lemonilo President Ronald Wijaya.

With the "Healthy Café & Ropang Movement", Lemonilo hopes that Indonesians can start leading a healthy lifestyle by choosing healthier and more affordable foods, even in those restaurants that offer unhealthy food. With Lemonilo, hanging out in cafés can be done in a healthy way without compromising one's health.

Lemonilo All-Natural Instant Fried Noodle

One interesting example of a healthier option that is offered by Lemonilo to the Indonesian consumer is the all-natural instant fried noodle. In Indonesia, instant noodles are extremely popular - especially the brands Indomie and Mie Sedaap. They are popular for a number of reasons: it is a delicious meal, it is cheap, it is easy and quick to prepare, and instant noodles are aggressively marketed by companies such as the Indofood Group or Wings Group. However, it is also widely known that these instant noodle meals are unhealthy.

The All-Natural Instant Fried Noodle that is offered by Lemonilo is a healthier option because:

Low gluten; the noodle contains mocaf flour (tepung mocaf), which is made of cassava
The green color of the noodle is solely contributed by spinach puree (thus no artificial coloring)
Not fried; the noodle is oven-baked, which is why it has low fat content and long shelf-life
Natural ingredients only; no artificial preservatives, no MSG added.

About Lemonilo

Lemonilo is Indonesia's pioneer tech-driven brand that creates healthy & natural products in partnership with Indonesian SMEs. Through, Lemonilo offers curated healthy & natural products that are free from at least 100 potentially harmful ingredients.

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