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  • Indonesia Investments' Research Report Released: July 2018 Edition

    On Monday (06/08) Indonesia Investments released the July 2018 edition of its monthly research report. The report aims to inform the reader of the key political, economic and social developments that occurred in Indonesia in the month of July 2018 and also touches upon key international developments that impacted on the Indonesian economy.

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Latest Columns Lemonilo

  • Lemonilo CEO Shinta Nurfauzia Interviewed; Entrepreneurship & Health Awareness

    Health awareness in Indonesia is at a very low level, especially in the cities, as Indonesians tend to eat too much unhealthy food and exercise too little. Therefore, health awareness is something that needs to be encouraged in Indonesia. However, government programs - such as the "Healthy Four, Perfect Five" principles - seem to have limited effect and therefore there is plenty of room for the private sector to encourage consumers to lead a healthier lifestyle. In fact, encouraging a healthier lifestyle can become part of a business model.

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  • Lemonilo Launches "Healthy Café & Ropang Movement" in Jakarta

    Culinary is certainly a promising business in Indonesia, particularly in Jakarta. Jakarta Dining Index Research done by Qraved reveals that every year, Jakartans dine out as many as 380 million times and spend up to IDR 21.4 trillion (approx. USD $1.5 billion). This fact is supported by huge growth of mid-scale restaurants (amounting up to 250 percent) in the last five years. It is therefore not surprising that Jakarta has an abundant option of restaurants.

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