The IHSG rose 0.56 percent to 4,457.44 on Wednesday (09/10). In particular commodity stocks supported the rise of the IHSG. Foreign investors were mostly entering the Indonesian market, while domestic investors recorded a net sell of Indonesian stocks.

Although the IHSG posted a gain, the Indonesian rupiah did not follow suit. News about the future appointment of Janet Yellen as the chief of the Federal Reserve (thus replacing Ben Bernanke) was well-received and triggered optimism that the US economy will improve. This subsequently made a positive impact on the US dollar which thus strengthened. Although previously the US shutdown weakened the US dollar, heightened global uncertainty made investors return to safe havens, one of which is the US dollar.

| Source: Bank Indonesia

The IMF report that indicates slowing global economic growth as well as slowing growth in emerging markets had a negative impact on Asian stock indices today (09/10). Moreover, investors in these markets are cautious due to the US debt ceiling issue.