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  • Growth Forecasts 2015: Bank Central Asia (BCA) to Acquire Small Banks

    Growth Forecasts 2015: Bank Central Asia (BCA) to Acquire Small Banks

    While other leading Indonesian banks are eager to expand business by opening branches in neighbouring countries, Bank Central Asia (BCA) stays focused on the domestic market. BCA, Indonesia’s largest private bank, is eyeing to acquire several smaller banks in Indonesia as part of its (inorganic) business growth model this year. BCA seeks smaller banks that have good financial performance, match with BCA’s business and are not too expensive (with a price to book value of between one and two times).

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  • Sektor Perbankan Indonesia Menjadi Kurang Terbuka untuk Investasi Asing

    Banking Sector of Indonesia to Become Less Open to Foreign Investment

    Komisi XI DPR yang membidangi sektor perbankan nasional akan segera mengusulkan rancangan baru undang-undang yang membatasi kepemilikan asing di bank-bank Indonesia menjadi 40 persen (dari 99 persen saat ini). Bank yang sekarang dimiliki oleh pihak asing akan diberi waktu 10 tahun mendivestasikan sahamnya setelah rancangan undang-undang diloloskan menjadi undang-undang (konon rancangan sebelumnya memberikan jangka waktu pengalihan selama lima tahun untuk divestasi wajib tersebut).

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  • IPO of Bank Yudha Bhakti on the Indonesia Stock Exchange

    IPO of Bank Yudha Bhakti on the Indonesia Stock Exchange

    Bank Yudha Bhakti, an Indonesian commercial bank, is preparing an initial public offering (IPO) on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX). The company will offer 300 million shares, or 11.9 percent of its enlarged equity, to the public and plans to raise IDR 34.5 billion (USD $2.8 million) as it offers the shares at IDR 115 per piece. The offering starts between 5 and 7 January 2015, while listing at the IDX is planned for 13 January 2015. Underwriters for the IPO are Semesta Indovest and Equator Securities.

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  • Indonesia Signs MoU to Join Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank

    Indonesia’s Finance Minister has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) in the context of Indonesia’s participation within the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB). The AIIB is a new multilateral international financial institution (initiated by China) that is to provide funds for infrastructure projects in the Asia Pacific region. This new institution is seen as a challenge to the World Bank, International Monetary Fund (IMF), and Asian Development Bank (ADB) which are all regarded as being dominated by developed countries.

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  • OJK Sets New Rules in Indonesia’s Islamic Financial Services Industry

    OJK Sets New Rules in Indonesia’s Islamic Financial Services Market

    In a bid to enhance monitoring on Indonesia’s financial services sector, to deepen financial markets, and to widen people’s access to financial services, the Financial Services Authority (OJK) has introduced 20 new rules ranging from corporate governance to microfinance. The institution also revised Islamic banking rules involving asset quality and capital adequacy in an effort to increase the role of Islamic banking (sharia banking) in Indonesia’s financial system. Authorities target that Islamic banks hold more than 15 percent of the market by 2023.

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  • Islamic Finance in Indonesia: Sharia Banking is Large Untapped Potential

    Islamic Finance in Indonesia: Sharia Banking is Large Untapped Potential

    Having the world’s largest Muslim population and experiencing sustained economic growth at a pace of +5 percent implies that Indonesia harbours great potential for Islamic finance (sharia banking). However, Indonesia is yet to tap the full potential of the Islamic financial services market. As an illustration, with a figure of USD $24 billion, Indonesia’s Islamic banks only held 4.9 percent of the country’s total banking assets in 2013. This is small compared to Malaysia (where Islamic banking holds a 20 percent market share).

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  • Foreign Banks in Indonesia Post Large Profit on Rupiah Depreciation

    According to data from the Financial Services Authority (OJK), foreign banks operating in Indonesia have posted great profit growth in the January to May 2014 period. Combined, these foreign banks have recorded a 94.36 percentage point growth (year-on-year) in profit to IDR 3.79 trillion (USD $323.9 million) in the first five months of this year. The reason behind this jump in profit is the sharply depreciated rupiah exchange rate. Over the course of 2013, the rupiah fell over 25 percent against the US dollar.

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  • OJK: Credit Growth in Indonesia's Banking Sector at a Safe Level

    Credit growth in Indonesia's banking sector in 2014 is estimated to range between 17 and 18 percent. This estimation is higher than the central bank's target of 15 to 17 percent but lower than credit growth in 2013. According to Indonesia's Financial Services Authority (Otoritas Jasa Keuangan, OJK), this pace of growth is at a safe level. Third party funds are projected to grow 16 to 16.5 percent, while the OJK did not provide an estimation of the loan to deposit ratio (LDR) yet although it did say that the LDR was at a safe level too.

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  • Bank Panin Syariah First New Listed Company on Indonesia Stock Exchange

    On Wednesday (15/01), the first new listing of 2014 on the Indonesia Stock Exchange was conducted. Bank Panin Syariah, provider of Islamic banking services and subsidiary of Bank Panin, became a listed company (with listed company code PNBS). Through the initial public offering (IPO), the financial institution is looking for additional capital to meet the central bank's requirement to become a BUKU 2 type of bank (see explanation below). The company aims to reap IDR 475 billion (USD $39.6 million) through the release of 4.75 billion shares.

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  • Credit Growth in Indonesia Expected to Have Slowed to 15-17% in 2013

    The central bank of Indonesia (Bank Indonesia) expects that credit growth in Southeast Asia’s largest economy will not exceed 20 percent (year on year) by the end of December 2013. Deputy Governor of Bank Indonesia, Halim Alamsyah, stated that credit growth is likely to slow to between 15 and 17 percent (yoy) in 2013 (based on a fixed rupiah exchange rate). Credit growth especially slowed in Indonesia’s consumption and construction sectors; a trend which is expected to continue in 2014.

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