The deceleration of Indonesia’s foreign debt growth was particularly due to the deceleration of public external debt growth. Public external debt grew by 2.5 percent (yoy) to USD $122.07 billion in August 2013, lower than the growth that was recorded in the previous month (5.1 percent, yoy). Meanwhile, private external debt grew 10.5 percent (yoy) to USD $135.23 billion, a slight increase compared to growth in July 2013 (9.6 percent, yoy).

In terms of period, a slowdown was seen in both short term and long term public external debt. Short term public external debt growth decreased from 66.6 percent (yoy) in July 2013 to 57.0 percent (yoy) by the end of August 2013 (USD $15.18 billion). Meanwhile, long term public external debt decreased 2.3 percent (yoy) to USD $106.89 billion in August 2013.

Around 79 percent of Indonesia's total external debt (public and private) comprised long term external debt, the remainder being short term debt. Most debt - 68.9 percent - was in US dollars, followed by the Japanese yen (12.6 percent).

The above-mentioned data originate from Bank Indonesia. Click here for its External Debt Statistics report.