The inflation rate of the administered price group also decreased after the increase in prices of subsidized fuels in June 2013 (0.25 percent mtm in October 2013). Meanwhile, core inflation was recorded at 0.34 percent (mtm), lower than the previous month.

Indonesia's Trade Balance September 2013

In line with Bank Indonesia’s estimate, the trade balance in September 2013 recorded a deficit of USD $0.7 billion. The deficit occurs due to the decreasing surplus of non-oil and gas trade balance to USD $0.5 billion and the increasing deficit of oil and gas trade balance to USD $1.2 billion. The decreasing surplus of non-oil and gas trade balance was affected by non-oil and gas imports, which grew faster (26.3 percent mtm) compared to non-oil and gas export growth (18.6 percent mtm). The deficit of Indonesia’s trade balance as of quarter III of 2013 is recorded at USD $2.9 billion, a decrease from USD $3.1 billion in the previous quarter. Bank Indonesia estimates that the decreasing deficit of Indonesia's trade balance will positively contribute to a decreasing deficit of the current account in quarter III 2013.

Bank Indonesia
Communication Department

Difi A. Johansyah
Executive Director

2013    Inflation
January      1.03%
February      0.75%
March      0.63%
April     -0.10%
May     -0.03%
June      1.03%
July      3.29%
August      1.12%
September     -0.35%
October      0.09%
Total      7.66%
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(annual percent change)
   9.8    4.8    5.1    5.4    4.3    7.7¹

¹ Year to date (January-October 2013)
Source: Statistics Indonesia