Net Income Semester I-2013:

   IDR Trillion
 Growth YoY
Bank Mandiri       8.29      16.1%
Bank Central Asia       6.32      19.3%
Bank Negara Indonesia       4.28      30.2%
CIMB Niaga       2.13       7.6%
Bank Danamon Indonesia       1.99      -0.9%
Bank Internasional Indonesia       0.68      15.1%
Bank Tabungan Negara
      0.67       2.1%
Total      25.37      16.2%

Source: Investor Daily

Performance of Indonesian banks in the second semester of 2013 may be a little bit less positive as it has been in the first semester as the country is experiencing some troubles. Inflation is heading to 7 or 8 percent and this has made Indonesia's central bank decide to raise the benchmark interest rate twice recently to 6.50 percent. Analysts expect that the bank may raise the interest rate again if inflation in July will be higher than targeted.