Indonesia's debt as a percentage of GDP has fallen considerably in the last 15 years, particularly caused by the country's robust economic growth in combination with prudent fiscal management. The IMF thus predicts that Indonesia's external debt to GDP ratio will continue to fall in the near future towards 20 percent. As a comparison, the government debt-to-GDP ratios of a number of selected countries are: America (107 percent), Japan (237 percent), and Brazil (64 percent).

Indonesian government securities are mostly IDR rupiah denominated (IDR 1,136.2 trillion). Foreign loans in foreign currencies (mostly US dollar) amount to US $60.54 billion.

In Q1-2013, the Indonesian government has succeeded in paying off 21.6 percent of this year's targeted debt repayment. Realized reimbursement in Q1-2013 consisted of principal debt (IDR 38.3 trillion) and debt interest (IDR 26.4 trillion).

According to data from Indonesia's central bank (Bank Indonesia), total debt of Indonesia - which includes government debt, private debt and Bank Indonesia's debt - stood at USD $250.5 billion in January 2013. About half of this debt is accounted for by private parties.

Government Debt:

     2009    2010    2011    2012    2013¹
Government Securities
   979.5  1.064.4  1,187.7  1,361.1  1,401.0
Domestic Loans        -     0.39     1.01     1.80     1.82
Foreign Loans    611.2    616.9    620.3    612.5    588.4
Total  1,590.7  1,681.7  1,809.0  1,975.4  1,991.2

in IDR rupiah trillion
¹ in March 2013
Source: Investor Daily

Total Debt of Indonesia:

      January 2013
Central Bank
Total Debt

in billion US dollar
Source: Bank Indonesia


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