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  • Coal Mining Indonesia: Rising Output in 2018 on High, Stable Price

    This year's coal production in Indonesia is likely to top last year's figure of 461 million tons. In fact, coal production in 2018 may also exceed the production quota that was set by the Indonesian government as the nation's coal miners are eager to boost coal production amid stronger coal prices. Starting from 2015 coal prices have been in an upward trend; a trend that is continuing to date.

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  • Widodo Signs Coal Price Revision for the Domestic Market Obligation

    Indonesian President Joko Widodo signed Government Regulation No. 8/2018 on the Implementation of Mineral and Coal Mining Business Activities (Regulation No. 8/2018) on Wednesday March 7th, 2018. This implies that the Indonesian government changed the price mechanism for coal that is sold at home under the domestic market obligation (DMO) scheme. Through the DMO, the central government forces local coal mining companies to sell part of their coal production at home.

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  • Indonesia's Coal Production Projected to Rise Due to Increased Foreign Demand

    Indonesia's coal production is projected to increase 4.4 percent to 400 million tons this year, up from the government's initial forecast of 390 million tons. According to Bob Kamandanu, chairman of the Indonesian Coal Mining Association (Asosiasi Pertambangan Batubara Indonesia, APBI), this growth will be spurred by increased demand from Japan, South Korea, Thailand and Taiwan in June. The coal price is expected to increase accordingly in the middle of the year.

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  • Coal Mining Policies in Indonesia: Coal Price Cap to Be Removed?

    Only a few months after the Indonesian government had imposed a price cap on mandatory sales of local coal to Indonesia's state-owned electricity company Perusahaan Listrik Negara (PLN) under the domestic market obligation (DMO) scheme, the government now plans to revise this regulation. Coming Tuesday (31/07) a high-level meeting is to take place where decisions will be taken.

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  • Domestic Market Obligation Indonesia: Coal Price Capped at $70 per Ton

    Through Energy and Mineral Resource Ministry Regulation No. 19/2018 on the Procedures for Determining Benchmark Prices of Metal and Coal Sales as well as through Energy and Mineral Resource Ministry Regulation No. 1395 K/30/MEM/2018 on the Selling Price of Coal for the Electricity Supply for the Public Interest the Indonesian government confirmed a new set of rules in the coal mining sector, specifically regarding coal that is sold domestically under the domestic market obligation.

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