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  • Semen Indonesia: the Largest Cement Producer in Indonesia

    Semen Indonesia, formerly known as Semen Gresik, is Indonesia's largest cement producer. The company, which is one of the few Indonesian companies that has spread its wings abroad for business expansion, forms the holding company of three large cement producers: Semen Gresik (East Java), Semen Padang (West Sumatra) and Semen Tonasa (South Sulawesi). Although the company lost a couple of percentage points in terms of market share, it still dominates Indonesia's lucrative cement industry.

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  • Semen Indonesia Intends to Continue its Expansion in Southeast Asia

    State-controlled cement producer Semen Indonesia is eager to expand its business outside of Indonesia. After acquiring a - USD $157 million worth - 70 percent stake in Vietnam's Thang Long Cement last year, it is now eyeing to take over a cement factory in Myanmar. Semen Indonesia has set aside USD $200 million for the acquisition, which it plans to conduct next year. Which Myanmar-based cement company will become target of the acquisition is still under evaluation.

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  • Cement Producer Semen Indonesia Posts 24.6 Percent Rise in Net Profit

    Semen Indonesia, Indonesia's largest cement producer, reported net profit of IDR 4.93 trillion (US $510.9 million) in 2012, a 24.6 percent increase compared to its performance in 2011. Earnings per share increased to IDR 817 from a previous IDR 662. The company benefits of significantly increased cement consumption in Southeast Asia's largest economy. Domestic cement consumption grew 14.4 percent, to 54.9 million tons in 2012.

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  • The Rise of Indonesia's Cement Production and Consumption

    Both Indonesia's cement production and cement consumption have risen rapidly in recent years. As the country has been showing solid economic growth for a decade - and is forecast to continue this growth -, property and infrastructure projects have grown in number accordingly, thus increasing demand for building materials such as cement. Moreover, the government is committed to enhance the country's much-needed infrastructure development.

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