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  • Frost & Sullivan Expect 4.6% Growth in Car Sales in Indonesia

    Research institute Frost & Sullivan expects car sales in Indonesia to rise 4.6 percent year-on-year (y/y) in 2018 supported by growing domestic demand for commercial vehicles, stable demand for low-cost green cars (LCGCs), the availability of affordable car prices, and the launch of new car models.

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  • Car Sales Industry Indonesia - What are the Forecasts for 2015?

    Based on preliminary data, domestic car sales in Indonesia fell 7.2 percent (y/y) to 96,149 vehicles in January 2015 from the same month in 2014. It is believed that the recent (subsidized) fuel price reforms, implemented by the Joko Widodo administration in November and January (which led to accelerated inflation), have made consumers hesitant to buy a car. Car sales are an important indicator to measure consumer confidence and the general state of the economy. In general, when car sales rise the economy is growing.

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  • Internet Penetration in Indonesia still Low at 25% but Rising steadily

    Research institute Frost & Sullivan expects that broadband internet penetration in Indonesia (fixed and wireless) will grow to 25% at the end of 2013 and, depending on the development of the Palapa Ring, to 45% by 2018. Internet growth in Indonesia is particularly supported by the mobile broadband segment due to high demand for social media applications and mobile videos among the younger generation of Indonesians. By 2015, about 145 million Indonesians will have internet access. Currently, Indonesia's population numbers about 250 million people.

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Latest Columns Frost & Sullivan

  • Outlook Indonesia's Car Sales in 2016: Optimistic or Pessimistic?

    Whereas the Indonesian Automotive Industry Association (Gaikindo), expects Indonesia's car sales to rise five percent (y/y) in 2016 on the back of improving economic conditions, US-based consulting firm Frost & Sullivan expects to see a 4.3 percent decline in the country's car sales this year as continued rupiah depreciation and persistently low commodity prices undermine Indonesians' purchasing power.

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  • Impact of Higher Subsidized Fuel Prices on Indonesia’s Car Industry

    After Indonesian President Joko Widodo and Vice President Jusuf Kalla have confirmed that prices of subsidized fuels (gasoline and diesel) will be raised in November 2014 in an attempt to ease the country’s wide current account deficit and government budget deficit (which are primarily caused by costly oil imports), domestic car manufacturers and dealers are expected to post declining earnings in 2015. Besides the subsidized fuel price issue, Indonesia’s car industry is also negatively impacted by the country’s slowing economic growth.

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  • Analysis: Car Sales in Indonesia Strong in First Four Months of 2013

    Indonesian car sales in the first four months of 2013 continued its robust growth. Preliminary data from Agen Pemegang Merek (Brand Holder Agent or APM) indicates that from January to April of 2013 397,991 car units were sold in Indonesia, which constitutes a 17.75 percent increase compared to the first four months of 2012. Toyota retained its position as market leader with a market share of 35.9 percent. However, sales of Honda and Suzuki vehicles are growing fast in Indonesia.

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