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  • Currency of Indonesia: Jokowi Approves Rupiah Redenomination Plans

    In local Indonesian media it is reported that Indonesian President Joko Widodo has given his blessing to the central bank (Bank Indonesia)'s plan to redenominate the rupiah. Bank Indonesia has already prepared a draft bill on the redenomination of the Indonesian Rupiah with the aim to improve economic efficiency and to create smoother commercial transactions. While the rupiah value would remain unchanged, the draft bill eyes to remove the last three zeros on all rupiah bills and coins.

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  • Bank Indonesia Leaves Monetary Policy Unchanged at July Meeting

    Indonesia's central bank (Bank Indonesia) concluded its Board of Governors Meeting later than usual on Thursday evening (20/07). However, there were no surprises. At the July policy meeting Bank Indonesia decided to keep its benchmark interest rate - the 7-day reverse repurchase rate - at 4.75 percent, in line with analyst estimates. Meanwhile, the deposit facility and lending facility were kept at 4.00 percent and 5.50 percent, respectively, effective per 21 Juli 2017.

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  • Indonesia's Foreign Exchange Reserves Fell in June 2017

    Since November 2016 we had seen six consecutive months of rising foreign exchange reserves in Indonesia. However, this trend ended in June 2017. The central bank of Indonesia (Bank Indonesia) announced on Friday (07/07) that the nation's foreign exchange assets fell to USD $123.09 billion last month, from USD $124.95 billion in May 2017 (which was an all-time record high level).

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  • Bank Indonesia: Rising Inflation but Expected to Stay in Target

    The central bank of Indonesia (Bank Indonesia) expects Indonesia's inflation rate to rise to 4.36 percent year-on-year (y/y) by the end of 2017, a significant jump compared to the 3.02 percent (y/y) inflation rate in 2016 but still within the initial target range of Bank Indonesia (that is set at a wide range of 3 - 5 percent y/y). According to the latest data from Indonesia's Statistics Agency (BPS), Indonesia's annual inflation rate rose to 4.33 percent (y/y) in May, up from 4.17 percent (y/y) in the preceding month.

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  • Bank Indonesia: Foreign Exchange Reserves at Record High in May

    The central bank of Indonesia (Bank Indonesia) announced the country's foreign exchange reserves rose by USD $1.7 billion to reach the new record high of USD $124.95 billion at the end of May 2017. Growth of Indonesia's foreign exchange assets was attributed to foreign exchange receipts (mainly originating from tax revenues and government oil & gas export earnings), as well as to Bank Indonesia's foreign exchange bills auction.

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  • How Much Money Can I Carry when Traveling to Indonesia?

    Starting from March 5, 2018, Indonesian citizens as well as foreigners need to be a bit more careful when bringing foreign-denominated cash money into Indonesia. A new Bank Indonesia regulation sets a IDR 1 billion (approx. USD $75,000) ceiling on the total amount of foreign cash money an individual can bring into Indonesia.

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  • Rupiah Exchange Rate News: Bank Indonesia's Intervention in Markets

    Sugeng, Deputy Governor of Indonesia's central bank (Bank Indonesia),  confirmed on Monday morning (08/05) that his institution has recently been intervening in the foreign exchange market in an effort to limit sharp rupiah appreciation. So far in 2017 the Indonesian rupiah has appreciated 1.11 percent against the US dollar with most of the rupiah's advance stemming from the first month of the year.

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  • Monetary Policy Bank Indonesia: Easing the Minimum Statutory Reserves

    Following the announcement last year, the central bank of Indonesia (Bank Indonesia) has again stated that it is to ease the minimum statutory reserves (in Indonesian: giro wajib minimum) regulations for conventional local banks (both for rupiah and foreign-denominated currencies). With this looser approach, banks can manage their liquidity more effectively, which should lead to reduced volatility on the overnight money market ("interest rate buffer").

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  • Foreign Exchange Reserves Indonesia Grew in March 2017

    The central bank of Indonesia (Bank Indonesia) said the nation's foreign exchange reserves rose to USD $121.8 billion in late March 2017 from USD $119.9 billion in the preceding month. The increase was primarily attributed to proceeds from tax collection, state revenue from the oil & gas sector, the issuance of global bonds and the auction of Bank Indonesia foreign exchange bills.

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  • Bank Indonesia: Annual March Inflation Expected Below 3.83%

    The central bank of Indonesia (Bank Indonesia) expects Indonesia's headline inflation to ease in March 2017 as food prices are under control and can therefore offset the inflationary pressures that are caused by administered price adjustments (higher electricity tariffs). In February 2017 Indonesia's inflation rate accelerated to 3.81 percent (y/y) due to the ongoing impact of the higher electricity tariffs that were introduced by the government in January as well as a number of big floods that curtailed distribution channels across parts of Sumatra and Java.

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