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  • Indonesia's Foreign Exchange Reserves Tumble for 5th Straight Month

    The central bank of Indonesia (Bank Indonesia) announced that the nation's foreign exchange reserves had fallen to USD $119.8 billion (per end June 2018), thus declining USD $3.1 billion compared to the position in the preceding month. As such, the recent trend continued: Indonesia's foreign exchange assets have now fallen for five straight months after touching a record high of nearly USD $132.0 billion in January 2018 (see table below).

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  • A Closer Look at Bank Indonesia's Latest LTV Ratio Relaxation

    At the latest policy meeting (29/06) Bank Indonesia decided to relax the loan-to-value (LTV) and financing-to-value (FTV) ratios in the country's property sector (effective per 1 August 2018). By lowering down payment obligations for the consumer, the central bank aims to make it more attractive for consumers to purchase property using House Ownership Credit (Kredit Pemilikan Rumah, KPR), hence boosting overall credit growth as well as Indonesia's macroeconomic growth.

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  • Bank Indonesia Raises Key Interest Rate by 50 bps to 5.25%

    As we had predicted this morning, Bank Indonesia decided to raise its benchmark interest rate by 50 basis points (bps) to 5.25 percent at the two-day June policy meeting that was concluded earlier today. Presumably markets had been expecting a 25 bps rate hike (therefore being priced in already) and therefore the central bank of Indonesia possibly felt it had to take a more aggressive approach to defend the Indonesian rupiah that had weakened beyond the IDR 14,400 per US dollar level.

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  • Market Participants Await Bank Indonesia's Policy Decision

    The Indonesian rupiah continues to slide on Friday (29/06) and is now hovering around the IDR 14,400 per US dollar level. The weak rupiah reaffirms analysts' expectations of seeing another interest rate hike. Today, the central bank of Indonesia (Bank Indonesia) will conclude its June policy meeting. But perhaps the crucial question is not "will Bank Indonesia raise its benchmark rate?" Possibly the more crucial questions are "by how much will it raise its rate?" and "what other policies will it implement to strengthen rupiah stability as well as financial stability?"

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  • Stocks & Currency Update Indonesia: Jakarta Composite Index & Rupiah

    Asian stocks and emerging market currencies continue to be under pressure on Thursday morning (28/06) amid uncertainty regarding US authorities' stance on Chinese investment in US tech companies, ongoing concerns over the impact of simmering global trade woes on economic growth, and rising crude oil prices. However, as we approach the lunch break there are some signs of a rebound in Asian markets.

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  • Bank Indonesia Delays June Monthly Policy Meeting by One Day

    Earlier this week, Wednesday 27 June 2018 was declared a public national holiday by the Indonesian government through Presidential Decision No. 48/2018. Reason being the local elections that are held in 171 regions across Indonesia. A free day would provide more opportunities for workers to cast their vote. Earlier, the Indonesia Stock Exchange had already confirmed that it would operate as usual on this regional election day.

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  • Foreign Exchange Reserves Indonesia Fell Further in May 2018

    The central bank of Indonesia (Bank Indonesia) announced that the nation's official foreign exchange reserves stood at USD $122.9 billion at the end of May 2018, down from USD $124.9 billion in the preceding month. The decline, which had been expected, was mainly due to the use of foreign exchange to repay public foreign debt and to stabilize the Indonesian rupiah amid persistently high uncertainty in global financial markets.

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  • Bank Indonesia Raises Key Interest Rate in Unscheduled Meeting

    In line with expectations the central bank of Indonesia (Bank Indonesia) raised its benchmark interest rate - the BI seven-day reverse repo rate - by 25 basis points to 4.75 percent in an unscheduled meeting on Wednesday (30/05). In combination with the scheduled monthly policy meeting on 16-17 May 2018, Bank Indonesia raised the benchmark interest rate by a total of 0.50 percent this month.

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  • Bank Indonesia Schedules Additional Meeting; New Rate Hike Expected

    Newly inaugurated Bank Indonesia Governor Perry Warjiyo seemingly does not want to wait until the planned 27-28 June 2018 monthly monetary policy meeting to take action. Bank Indonesia announced that it scheduled an additional (ad hoc) policy meeting for Wednesday 30 May 2018. It is assumed that Bank Indonesia will raise its benchmark interest rate again by 25 basis points (to 4.75 percent) at this occasion in a bid to curtail capital outflows and defend the rupiah (which has been under heavy pressures in recent months).

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  • Bank Indonesia Raises Key Interest Rate to 4.50% at May Meeting

    In line with our expectation, the central bank of Indonesia (Bank Indonesia) raised its benchmark interest rate (BI 7-Day Reverse Repo Rate) by 25 basis points (bps) to 4.50 percent at the monetary policy meeting in May 2018 that was concluded today (17/05). Agus Martowardojo, Governor of Bank Indonesia, added that the deposit facility and lending facility were raised to 3.75 percent and 5.25 percent, respectively.

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