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  • Digital Economy: Will Indonesia Soon Have Its Own Silicon Valley?

    Indonesia does not want to be left behind in terms of developing its digital economic potential. In early March 2021, the Indonesian government inaugurated the "Indonesian-style Silicon Valley" called Nongsa D-Town. This 5,000 m2 area is located on Batam Island, which is positioned very close to Singapore.

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  • Property Market of Indonesia: Batam & Medan Promising

    As the property market in Jakarta and surrounding cities remains bleak, Indonesian property developers are eager to expand in the regions outside of the island of Java. Two examples are Batam, an island located not far from Singapore that is equipped with booming urban and industrial zones, and Medan, the biggest city on Sumatra.

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  • PPP Infrastructure Projects Indonesia: Batam-Bintan Bridge

    The Batam Indonesia Free Zone Authority (in Indonesian: Badan Pengusahaan Batam) is currently preparing the Batam-Bintan Bridge project. This could become the area's first public-private partnership (PPP) project. Batam and Bintan are two islands that are located in Indonesia's Riau Islands province, just south of Singapore. While Batam is a major industry hub, Bintan is being promoted as the new Bali.

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  • Air Crashes in Indonesia: Police Jet Goes Missing Near Batam

    An Indonesian police plane, on route to Batam, has reportedly crashed between the islands of Mensanak and Sebangka (between Sumatra and Singapore), possibly killing all 13 people on board. The airplane was a twin-engine police jet. Near the crash site items have been recovered that are believed to be parts of the plane. Earlier, Indonesian authorities announced contact with an airplane was lost, 50 minutes after take-off from Pangkal Pinang on the island of Bangka.

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  • Tax Haven in Indonesia? Corporate Income Tax Indonesia Slashed?

    The government of Indonesia selected two islands - Resort islands Bintan and Rempang, situated near Singapore - as the possible location for its tax haven (a low-tax jurisdiction that should prevent Indonesian taxpayers from moving their assets to other countries in search of more attractive tax rates, while non-residents will also be able to establish so-called shell companies). Currently, a significant portion of Indonesian funds flow to offshore financial centers in Singapore, Mauritius, British Virgin Islands and Panama.

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  • Foreign Tourist Arrivals to Indonesia Expected to Achieve Target in 2014

    After seeing foreign tourist arrivals to Indonesia reach 752,363 in May 2014, Indonesian Minister for Tourism and Creative Economy Mari Elka Pangestu stated that it is highly likely for Indonesia to achieve its target of 9.5 million foreign tourist arrivals this year. In the first five months of 2014, 3.70 million foreign tourists visited the world’s largest archipelago, a 9.96 percentage point growth compared to the same period in 2013 (which was 3.36 million). As usual, most foreign visitors entered Indonesia in Bali.

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  • Foreign Tourist Arrivals to Indonesia Grow 10% in the First Quarter of 2014

    During the first three months of 2014, the total number of foreign tourist arrivals to Indonesia reached 2.22 million, a 10.07 percent increase from the first quarter in 2013 (2.02 million visitors). Suryamin, Head of Statistics Indonesia, said on Friday (02/05) that - as usual - most foreign tourists (816,470) entered Indonesia through Ngurah Rai International Airport on Bali, Indonesia's most popular island in terms of tourism. Other popular points of entry in Q1-2014 were Soekarno-Hatta International Airport (located just outside Jakarta) and Batam.

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  • Indonesia Investments' Newsletter of 20 April 2014 Released

    On 20 April 2014, Indonesia Investments released the latest edition of its newsletter. This free newsletter, which is sent to our subscribers once per week, contains the most important news stories from Indonesia that have been reported on our website in the last seven days. Most of the topics involve economic topics such as comments on the future policy of Bank Indonesia, the investment climate in Batam, an updated profile of Telekomunikasi Indonesia, IPOs in 2014, an analysis of the unprocessed minerals export ban, and more.

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  • Special Economic Zone of Batam Losing Appeal to Foreign Investors

    Sonia Kong, the Chairman of the Association of Korean Businesspeople in Batam, said that the investment or business climate in this Special Economic Zone (SEZ) has become less conducive in recent years. In the past five years, 17 Korean companies decided to move to other countries. Batam (including several surrounding islands) was given the status of SEZ with Singapore in 2007. This SEZ status means that tariffs and value-added taxes for goods shipped between Batam and Singapore are eliminated between 2007 and 2077.

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  • Foreign Tourist Arrivals to Indonesia Jump 22.6% in January 2014

    The number of foreign tourists that visited Indonesia in January 2014 surged 22.6 percent to 753,079 from the same month last year. As usual, most tourists entered Indonesia through the Ngurah Rai International Airport in Bali, the most popular tourist destination of foreigners, followed by Jakarta's Soekarno-Hatta International Airport and Batam. A remarkable growth was detected in foreign visitor arrivals in Lombok, growing by 374 percent (yoy). However, this development was not explained by Statistics Indonesia in its press conference.

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