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  • Indonesian Rupiah Update: Depreciating 0.46% on US Economic Data

    Indonesian Rupiah Update: Depreciating 0.46% on US Economic Data

    The Indonesian rupiah exchange rate continued its recent depreciating trend on Wednesday (28/05). According to the Bloomberg Dollar Index, the currency had depreciated 0.46 percent to IDR 11,633 against the US dollar at the end of the trading day. The rupiah's performance is in line with the general trend in Asia where most currencies lost ground to the greenback on today's trading day. As various US economic data indicate a continued recovery of the US economy, the market expects more US monetary tightening.

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  • Weaker US Consumer Confidence Supports Asian Indices Including IHSG

    Wall Street and European indices being up at the end of last week had a positive impact on Asian stock indices on Monday (28/10), despite experiencing a correction during today's trading day. The Jakarta Composite Index (IHSG), Indonesia's benchmark stock index, joined this trend. After making a strong start, it became susceptible to profit taking and thus had a mixed performance although it ended at 4,590.54 points, a 0.21 percent increase. The IHSG was supported by foreign net buying and an appreciating rupiah exchange rate.

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  • Recovery on the Indonesia Stock Exchange: IHSG Index up 3.82 Percent

    It has been a long time since we have reported a good day at the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX). But finally on Wednesday (26/06) Indonesia's main stock index (IHSG) made a great jump upwards, supported by American and European stock indices that were up on Tuesday (25/06) due to positive economic data from the United States. Investors used this positive context to engage in stock trading. Moreover, Indonesia's stocks are currently - technically speaking - cheap and thus attractive.

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