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  • ICAEW: Productivity Indonesia's Human Resources Grows Strongly

    The productivity of Indonesia's human resources has improved markedly over the past 15 years. This is one of the conclusions mentioned in the latest Economic Insight: South East Asia, released by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW). This quarterly report focuses on the economic trends in the largest economies of the ASEAN countries. Vietnam and Indonesia are the top performers in terms of productivity growth (growth of the average output per worker) supported by the ongoing shift from agriculture to more capital-intensive sectors (manufacturing and the service industries).

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  • Analysts: Indonesia Should Attract 33 Million Foreign Tourists by 2019

    Although the Indonesian government's target of welcoming 20 million foreign tourists by 2019 seems highly ambitious given that Indonesia may fail to achieve its target of seeing 10 million foreign visitor arrivals in 2015, several analysts claim that this target is too low. They believe that the target should be raised to 33 million foreign visitors, earning USD $40 billion in foreign exchange, hence replacing crude palm oil as the country's leading foreign exchange earner. However, this new target would only be possible if the government is serious about developing its 10 designated tourist destinations.

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  • Unemployment in Indonesia Declines to 5.70% of the Total Labor Force

    On Monday (05/05), Statistics Indonesia announced that unemployment in Indonesia declined to 5.70 percent (of the total labor force) in February 2014, equivalent to 7.2 million people in absolute terms. Compared to August 2013 (when Indonesia's unemployment rate was 6.17 percent), this constitutes a marked improvement. However, growth was limited compared to February 2013 (when unemployment was 5.82 percent), Data on Indonesia's (un)employment are released twice per year, covering conditions in the months February and August.

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  • Indonesia's Unemployment Rate Rises Slightly in August 2013

    Indonesia's unemployment rate rose slightly in August 2013 from the same month last year. The country's open unemployment rate rose from 6.14 percent to 6.25 percent (of the total labour force). In absolute numbers this translates to 7.4 million jobless Indonesians. Head of Statistics Indonesia, Suryamin, said that Indonesia's slowing economic growth was the main reason for the rise in unemployment, while the supply of human resources increased. In the third quarter of 2013, Indonesia's GDP growth fell to 5.62 percent (yoy).

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  • World Bank: East Asia Pacific at Work: Employment, Enterprise & Well-Being

    As rapid economic development has pushed the percentage of people working in most East Asian countries to among the highest in the world, policy makers should enact labor regulations and social protection policies to benefit all workers, including those in the large informal economy, according to a new World Bank report, East Asia Pacific at Work: Employment, Enterprise and Well-Being (released on 8 May 2014). Current regulations, however, favor salaried, prime-age males at the expense of women and youth.

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  • World Bank Revises Down Forecast for Indonesia's Economic Growth to 5.9%

    The World Bank has revised down its forecast for economic growth in Indonesia in 2013 to 5.9 percent from its original estimate of 6.2 percent. Similarly, the institution has altered its forecast for economic growth in 2014 from 6.5 percent to 6.2 percent. The revised figures were published in July's edition of the Indonesia Economic Quarterly (IEQ), titled 'Adjusting to Pressures'. The World Bank's forecast is also in sharp contrast with the GDP assumption of the Indonesian government, which puts economic growth in 2013 at 6.3 percent.

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