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  • Bank Indonesia: Indonesia's Inflation in August Still Expected to Exceed 1%

    Indonesia's central bank (Bank Indonesia) expects that Indonesia's inflation rate in August will reach about 1.3 percent (month to month), implying that the annual inflation rate will exceed 8.9 percent (year on year) in the same month. Prices of several commodities and horticultural products are still not showing a decrease in prices. These products include beef, chicken meat and onions. Thus, Bank Indonesia requests that the central and regional governments take great care in safeguarding the country's food supplies.

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  • Inflationary Pressure due to Indonesia's Higher Food Prices during Ramadan

    Prices of certain food products in Indonesia have risen steeply during the first week of Ramadan, the Islamic fasting month. Higher prices are a sensitive issue at the moment as the country is fighting higher inflation after subsidized fuel prices were increased in June. Therefore, the central bank raised its benchmark interest rate by 50 bps to 6.50 percent last week. If inflation exceeds 2.3 percent in July (month to month) then it might result in another upward revision of the interest rate, thus slowing down Indonesia's economic growth.

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  • Indonesian Companies in Focus: Japfa Comfeed Indonesia

    After global equity firm KKR Jade Investment Pte Ltd acquired a 10.44 percent stake in Japfa Comfeed Indonesia, the latter is in a position to reduce its short-term debt, and this will have a positive impact on the company's financial profile. Japfa Comfeed Indonesia is one of the leading integrated agri-food companies in Indonesia and has a main focus on animal feed manufacturing, chicken breeding, poultry processing and aquaculture farming. It is a unit of Singapore-based Japfa, a pan-Asian agro-food firm.

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