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  • Indonesia Rupiah Exchange Rate Continues Downward Spiral on Monday

    The Indonesia rupiah exchange rate continued its downward trend on Monday (23/12). Both Bank Indonesia's Jakarta Interbank Spot Dollar Rate (JISDOR) and Bloomberg's Dollar Index showed a depreciating rupiah. The JISDOR, which was launched by Bank Indonesia in May to manage exchange rate fluctuations, fell 0.01 percent to IDR 12,246 per US dollar, while the Bloomberg Dollar Index indicated a 0.29 percent decline of the rupiah to IDR 12,250 per US dollar at 14:10:09 afternoon, local Jakarta time.

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  • Local Currency Settlement Framework Indonesia, Malaysia & Thailand

    Earlier this week, the central banks of Indonesia (Bank Indonesia), Malaysia (Bank Negara Malaysia), Thailand (Bank of Thailand) jointly announced the launch of the local currency settlement framework. This framework aims at boosting the use of local currencies in transactions (specifically related to trade and investment) conducted between Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand in an effort to reduce these countries' dependence on the US dollar.

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  • Weakening Rupiah due to Indonesia's Fundamentals and Profit Taking

    The Indonesian rupiah (IDR) is experiencing one of its worst losing streaks in a decade. On Friday (19/07), the currency weakened to IDR 10,070 against the US dollar, which implies a devaluation of 4.14% in 2013 so far. The central bank of Indonesia, Bank Indonesia, does all it can to support the currency: the country's lender of last resort supplies dollars to the market triggering the reduction of foreign reserves from USD $105 million at end-May to $98 million at end-June, and raised its benchmark interest rate (BI Rate) by 50 bps to 6.50%.

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