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  • Education in Indonesia: World Bank Report on Teacher Reform in Indonesia

    A recent World Bank report focuses on the impact of the Teacher Law and its reforms, on teacher knowledge, skills, and motivations in Indonesia. The report also looks at student learning outcomes. In 2005, the Indonesian government had passed the Teacher Law in an effort to improve education in Southeast Asia’s largest economy, specifically by raising the quality of Indonesian teachers. Under the new law, teachers must complete a four-year college degree to obtain certification, and continue to improve their skills.

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  • World Bank Reviewing 10 Years of Indonesia’s School Grants Program

    World Bank Reviewing 10 Years of Indonesia’s School Grants Program

    The Indonesian school grants program (Bantuan Operasional Sekolah, or BOS) is nearing the end of its first decade of operation. Over that period, the BOS program has been continually improved and channeled large amounts of funding directly to approximately 43 million primary and junior secondary schools across Indonesia. The huge BOS program aims to ensure that schools have sufficient funds to operate, reduce the education costs faced by households and improve school based management.

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  • World Bank: Local Governance and Education Performance in Indonesia

    World Bank Report: Local Governance and Education Performance in Indonesia

    Improving the quality of basic education remains a central challenge in Indonesia. Without a good quality basic education, children will fail to acquire the skills they need to lead full and productive lives. Indonesia will then be challenged to build the human resources necessary to sustain strong economic growth. On 25 November 2013, the World Bank released a new report which explores how the quality of local governance affects service delivery and assesses the capacity of local governments to manage education services effectively.

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