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  • Indonesia Investments' Newsletter of 31 May 2015 Released

    On 31 May 2015, Indonesia Investments released the latest edition of its newsletter. This free newsletter, which is sent to our subscribers once per week, contains the most important news stories from Indonesia that have been reported on our website in the last seven days. Most of the topics involve economic topics such as Indonesia’s GDP growth, a stocks and rupiah update, the IPO of Puradelta Lestari, Indonesia’s participation in a news Islamic infrastructure bank, the role of household consumption in the Indonesian economy, and more.

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  • Initial Public Offering (IPO) Puradelta Lestari on Indonesia Stock Exchange

    Industrial estate developer Puradelta Lestari, unit of Singapore-listed Sinarmas Land Ltd, was listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) on Friday (29/05) thus becoming the fifth firm to go public on the IDX in 2015. Through the initial public offering (IPO) Puradelta Lestari raised IDR 1 trillion (USD $76 million) by offering 4.8 billion shares to the public, equivalent to ten percent of the company’s enlarged capital, for a price of IDR 210 per share. On the first trading day, shares of the company rose 4.29 percent.

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  • OJK: Six more IPOs Expected on the Indonesia Stock Exchange in 2013

    The Financial Services Authority of Indonesia (OJK or Otoritas Jasa Keuangan) announced that six more Indonesian companies are planning to conduct their initial public offering (IPO) on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) in 2013. The OJK is currently processing the applications, which should see the listings materialize in Q4-2013. One company that was expected to conduct its IPO, but postponed, was Puradelta Lestari. The company was not willing to conduct the IPO in the midst of current bearish market conditions in Indonesia.

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  • Eleven more IPOs Expected on the Indonesia Stock Exchange in 2013

    It is believed that a total of eleven Indonesian companies are going to conduct an initial public offering (IPO) in the second half of 2013 on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX). Up to July, 24 companies have already been listed on the IDX and raised a combined IDR 12,79 trillion (USD $1.25 billion) of funds. Of the eleven companies that are expected to conduct an IPO in Semester II-2013, three were actually planned to be conducted in Semester I-2013 but were postponed.

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  • Indonesian Industrial Estate Companies in Focus: Puradelta Lestari

    One of Indonesia's leading industrial estate developers, Puradelta Lestari, could see its sales rise on the back of Indonesia's tax amnesty program and the improving domestic economy. According to CIMB Securities, the company has three strengths that will enable it to see higher sales and profit in the years ahead: (1) the strategic location of its industrial estate Kota Deltamas, (2) having the biggest land banks at its disposal, and (3) strong internal cash reserves.

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  • Companies Expected to IPO on the Indonesia Stock Exchange in 2015

    Prospects for initial public offerings (IPOs) in Indonesia are positive in 2015, or, at least more positive than in 2014 when Indonesia’s ‘political year’ (legislative and presidential elections) caused severe political uncertainties in the market. However, the country’s slowing economic growth and looming capital outflows brought about by expected further monetary tightening in the USA before the year-end, has made market participants cautious. The Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) expects a total of 32 new listings on the IDX in 2015, up from 20 last year.

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  • Indonesia's Benchmark Stock Index (IHSG) Falls 1.18% on Monday

    After market participants had time in the weekend to think over the 'rescue packages' of the Indonesian government and central bank (Bank Indonesia) that were released on Friday (23/08), they seemed unconvinced about the short-term impact of the packages. As a result, Indonesia's main stock index (IHSG) fell 1.18 percent to 4,120.67 points on Monday (26/08), which is the IHSG's lowest level since 7 September 2012. The Indonesian rupiah gained 0.06 percent to IDR 10,841 (Bank Indonesia's mid rate).

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