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  • Update on Indonesia's Steel Manufacturing Industry

    Demand for steel in Indonesia is expected to rise in 2016 on enhanced infrastructure development. However, the majority of steel - approximately 60 percent of total demand in Indonesia - is still being imported from abroad (primarily China). Gusti Putu Suryawirawan, Director for Base Metal Industries at Indonesia's Industry Ministry, said the government is eager to support the domestic steel manufacturing industry in order to avert further domination of foreign manufactured steel on the Indonesian market.

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  • Indonesia to Impose Anti-Dumping Import Duties on Steel Products

    The government of Indonesia plans to introduce a 15 percent anti-dumping duty on steel to prevent massive steel imports thus supporting Indonesia’s domestic steel industry. Indonesia is not the first country to introduce anti-dumping import duties on steel products. China imposed anti-dumping duties on certain stainless steel tubes from Japan and the European Union (thereby increasing the global steel oversupply), while Malaysia imposed anti-dumping duties on hot rolled coils imported from China and Indonesia.

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  • Krakatau Steel: Company Profile of Indonesia's Largest Steel Producer

    Indonesia Investments has updated the company profile of Krakatau Steel, Indonesia's and Southeast Asia's largest steel producer. The company, which is for 80 percent government owned, has a crude steel production capacity of 2.45 million tons per year. However, through a lucrative joint venture with Posco, the world's third-largest steel producer, it will expand production capacity significantly in the years ahead. Besides steel production, the company has expanded into other industries.

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