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  • Indonesia Investments' November 2021 Report Out Now!

    On Monday (06.12.2021) Indonesia Investments released the November 2021 edition of its monthly report. This report discusses a range of subjects - related to political developments, the economy and social matters - that were important and influential issues in Indonesia in the month of November 2021.

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  • Rohingya Refugees Rescued at Seas near Indonesia’s Aceh Province

    Over the past two days more than 900 migrants (believed to be Rohingya Muslims from Myanmar and Bangladesh) have been rescued from overcrowded wooden boats near the coastal area of Indonesia’s Aceh province at the northern tip of Sumatra. After being spotted by local fishermen, these boats were towed to Acehnese shore. Meanwhile, in Malaysia more than 1,000 migrants from Myanmar and Bangladesh were found in shallow waters near Langkawi after being abandoned by human traffickers.

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  • Indonesia Will Be the World's Fifth most Populous Country by 2050

    The Institute of Demographic Studies released a report which claims that by the year 2050, the world population will increase to 9.7 billion from the current number of 7.1 billion. India is expected to become the most populous country, surpassing China. At the end of this century the number of people on earth will amount to around 10 or 11 billion. A report of the United Nations, released in June, suggests that by 2050 the total number of people that is 60 years of age or older will amount to two billion (from 841 million currently).

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  • Queen Máxima (Netherlands) Visits Indonesia for Financial Inclusion Talks

    Queen Máxima of the Netherlands, who was in Indonesia for a three-day visit (30 August - 1 September), emphasized the importance of financial inclusion. Máxima, who came in her role as United Nation's Secretary-General's Special Advocate for Inclusive Finance for Development (UNSGSA), met several high-positioned policy makers and officials (including Indonesian President Joko Widodo) in Jakarta and made a field trip to a school in Bogor (West Java) to inspect a student savings program that was initiated by Indonesia's Financial Services Authority (OJK).

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