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  • Commodity Watch Indonesia: Can Tea Exports Increase?

    Business players believe that Indonesia's tea exports will rise at least 10 percent year-on-year (y/y) in the first half of 2017 on the back of rising global demand, although there have been obstacles in terms of tea exports to the European Union (EU). However, Indonesia Tea Council Treasurer Teguh Kustiono is optimistic that there are plenty of other countries - outside the EU - where demand for Indonesian tea grows.

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  • Indonesian Tea Export Plagued by Drought and High Anthraquinone Level

    Due to the El Nino-inflicted drought that has plagued Indonesia in 2015 (curtailing output o agricultural commodities, the country's tea exports are expected to plunge by 40 percent year-on-year (y/y) to about 48,000 tons this year. The El Nino in 2015 is one of the strongest on record. This weather phenomenon, which occurs once every five years on average, involves periodical warm ocean water temperatures off the western coast of South America that can cause climatic changes across the Pacific Ocean, leading to severe droughts in key agricultural-producing countries in Southeast Asia.

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  • Falling Production & Growing Imports: Revitalizing the Indonesian Tea Sector

    The tea industry of Indonesia has been in decline in the last decade. During this decade, the size of Indonesia's tea plantations fell from 150,000 hectares (ha) to 120,000 ha. The country's tea production and tea export slowed, while tea import grew. The lucrative business prospects of palm oil is partly responsible to have caused Indonesia's tea output to stagnate as some tea plantations have been transformed into palm oil plantations. To reverse this situation, the Indonesian government intends to revitalize the country's tea sector.

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  • Commodity Watch Indonesia: Tea Production, Export Under Pressure

    Indonesia's Agriculture Ministry is optimistic that the nation's tea production can reach 140,234 tons in full-year 2018, up modestly (+0.6 percent) compared to tea production in the preceding year (139,362 tons). Rising tea output is targeted to come on the back of the government's efforts to encourage the optimization of tea productivity. Key strategy is to make more efficient use of the tea plantations. Currently, there are many empty spots in these plantations. By planting new trees on these empty spots, tea production could to rise.

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  • Tea Industry Indonesia Update: Falling Production & Export

    Among the beautiful natural scenery that attracts numerous tourists in Indonesia are the tea plantations. The region around the Puncak pass in West Java is particularly known for its tea plantations. However, Indonesia's domestic tea production and exports are on the decline, while tea imports into Indonesia have been skyrocketing. Not only in terms of quantity there is concern about Indonesian tea, but also in terms of quality. Lets take a closer look at the world’s seventh-biggest tea producer.

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