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Latest Reports Gunadi Sindhuwinata

  • Motorcycle Sales in Indonesia Rebound in January 2017

    Indonesia's domestic motorcycle sales rose 13.8 percent year-on-year (y/y) to 473,879 units in January 2017, from 416,263 units in the same month one year earlier. This growth is attributed to Indonesians' improving purchasing power supported by recovering commodity prices, particularly coal and crude palm oil (CPO). Gunadi Sindhuwinata, General Chairman of the Indonesian Motorcycle Industry Association (AISI), is optimistic that Indonesia's motorcycle sales will rebound in 2017 - after two years of slowdown - on the back of accelerating economic growth and rising commodity prices.

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  • Motorcycle Sales in Indonesia Should Rebound in 2017

    The Indonesian Motorcycle Industry Association (AISI) expects Indonesia's motorcycle sales to rebound in 2017. Based on the latest estimates, sales of two-wheelers will rise 10 percent (y/y) to 6.6 million next year from an estimated 6 million vehicles in 2016. This year sales are expected to drop slightly over 7 percent (y/y) compared to 6.48 million sold motorcycles in 2015. AISI Chairman Gunadi Sindhuwinata said there are several reasons that should cause rebounding motorcycle sales next year.

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  • Indonesia Update: Retail Sales, Cement Sales & Motorcycle Sales

    According to the latest survey of Bank Indonesia (the central bank of Indonesia), the country’s January retail sales accelerated 10.4 percent year-on-year (y/y), up from the 3.3 percentage point growth pace (y/y) in the preceding month. Retail sales in the first month of the year in Southeast Asia’s largest economy accelerated because of higher sales of information & communication equipment (+29.9 percent y/y) as well as food, beverages & tobacco products (+15.1 percent y/y).

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  • Indonesian Production and Exports of Cars and Motorcycles Rise Steeply

    Exports of Indonesian-made cars and motorcycles are expected to grow sharply in 2014 and 2015, although coming from a low base and rather insignificant compared to domestic sales. These rising export figures are made possible by enhanced domestic production capacity. Indonesian exports of motorcycles are expected to rise 122 percent to 60,000 units in 2014, while exports of cars are expected to rise 93 percent to 386,000 units in 2015. Although there is still a long road to go, Indonesia is increasing its status in these industries.

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Latest Columns Gunadi Sindhuwinata

  • Indonesia Targets 50% Increase in Motorcycle Exports in 2016

    The Indonesian Motorcycle Industry Association (AISI) says Indonesia's motorcycle exports should rise by 50 percent (y/y) to around 342,000 units in 2016. Gunadi Sindhuwinata, General Chairman of the AISI, stated that Indonesia's motorcycle exports have been impressive so far this year, rising 76 percent (y/y) to 97,778 units in the January-April 2016 period. This impressive export performance is supported by the choice of several global motorcycle manufacturers to make Indonesia their production hub for specific motorcycles.

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  • Motorcycle Sales in Indonesia Fall 11% in January 2014 due to Floods

    Domestic sales of motorcycles in Indonesia fell 11 percent to 580,288 units in January 2014. The main reason for this decline in the first month of the year were severe floods brought about by high rainfall amid a peak of the rainy season. These weather conditions disrupted the distribution of motorcycles from factories to dealers. As a result, all motorcycle brands recorded lower sales figures according to data released by the Indonesian Motorcycle Industry Association (Aisi). However, more factors were at play.

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