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  • What Are the Production Costs for One Barrel of Oil at Indonesia's Pertamina?

    Crude oil prices are rebounding, climbing nearly 90 percent from 13-year lows at the start of 2016. However, compared to two years ago crude prices are still down 50 percent hence corporate earnings in the oil and gas industry remain subdued, while few investors are enticed to engage in exploration. To deal with low oil prices, oil and gas companies need to become more efficient thus pushing down production costs in order to optimize earnings. Lets take a look at Pertamina, Indonesia's state-owned energy company. How much does it cost for Pertamina to produce one barrel of oil?

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  • Foreign Exchange Reserves Indonesia Climb in February 2016

    The foreign exchange reserves of Indonesia rose USD $2.4 billion to USD $104.5 billion in February 2016 according to a statement of Indonesia's central bank (Bank Indonesia). The lender of last resort attributed this forex growth to foreign exchange receipts from the oil & gas sector, foreign debt withdrawals, and the sale of foreign-denominated bonds (SBBI). These receipts were more than enough to cover for the use of foreign exchange for public foreign debt payments.

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  • Low Oil Prices Can Cause Lower Oil Production in Indonesia

    Although oil prices somewhat recovered from 12-year lows on Friday (08/01) on China's rebounding stock market there is concern that Indonesia will not achieve its 2016 oil lifting target as the country's oil producers become less eager to boost production rates amid unattractive oil prices. Yesterday, Brent oil fell to USD $32.16 per barrel - the lowest level since 2004 - after China devalued its yuan and Chinese stocks plunged over 7 percent causing the circuit-breaking mechanism to kick in and even causing a global stock selloff.

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  • Moody's: Stable Outlook for Rated Indonesian Companies in 2016

    New York-based credit rating firm Moody’s Investors Service expects global economic factors to have less of a negative impact on Indonesian companies in 2016. In its latest report titled "Non-Financial Corporates - Indonesia: 2016 Outlook - Corporate Profits under Pressure but Likely to Stabilize" it states that amid stabilizing economic growth and the recently unveiled government stimulus packages, companies should manage to improve their corporate performances in 2016.

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  • Oil & Gas Blocks for Sale in Indonesia: Profit Sharing Made more Attractive

    The government of Indonesia decided to offer more attractive profit sharing schemes in order to lure investors to invest the nation’s oil & gas blocks. In September, the government plans to auction a total of eight oil & gas blocks with a profit sharing of 30 percent to 35 percent for oil, and 35 percent to 40 percent for gas. The majority of profit will still go to the government. Usually, the government offers a 15 percent profit share for oil and a 30 percent profit share for gas to investors.

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  • Indonesia Intends to Ease Bureaucracy Further to Attract Investments

    It was reported in Investor Daily on Monday (03/03) that the Indonesian government intends to cut back some of the country's notorious bureaucracy regarding investment permits, thus speeding up the process for permit applications. Economic Minister Hatta Rajasa stated that, although Indonesia already has had significant success in reducing bureaucracy in recent years, investors are still put off by the lengthy application process. This is a particular problem in the country's oil and gas sector.

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Latest Columns Oil & Gas Sector

  • Upstream Oil & Gas Sector of Indonesia in Alarming State?

    With the Indonesian economy estimated to expand at a stable pace of 5.0-6.0 percent year-on-year (y/y) in the years ahead, the country's supply of energy needs to be raised. If not, businesses will increasingly be plagued by blackouts, while the price of energy rises (causing growing production costs). The upstream oil and gas industry - that involves exploration, development and production - therefore has a vital role to play in Indonesia's energy supply and economy.

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