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  • American Officials Investigate USA - Indonesia Trade Relations

    Based on statements of officials at Indonesia’s Trade Ministry, the USA started its investigation into the trade deficits the USA has with 16 countries, including Indonesia. Two months ago US President Donald Trump ordered this trade probe as part of his “America First” policy. Trump wants the USA to have the upper hand (meaning a trade surplus) in trade relations.

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  • Impact Hawkish Federal Reserve on Stock Markets Across Asia

    Impact Hawkish Federal Reserve on Stock Markets Across Asia

    As widely expected, the Federal Reserve kept its benchmark interest rate unchanged after May's two-day policy meeting that was concluded on Wednesday (03/05). The US central bank also delivered a rather hawkish policy statement, downplaying weak Q1-2017 economic growth and emphasizing the strength of the US labor market. This implies the Fed is still on track for two more rate hikes in the remainder of 2017.

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  • What is the Impact of Trump's Corporate Tax Reforms on Indonesia?

    What is the Impact of Trump's Corporate Tax Reforms on Indonesia?

    The economies of Indonesia and other countries in Southeast Asia may feel the impact of US President Donald Trump's impending tax reforms. Currently markets are focused on these reforms. On Wednesday (26/04) Trump is set to propose steep cuts in US corporate taxes (from 35 percent to 15 percent) and the tax rate on offshore earnings that are repatriated (from 35 percent to 10 percent), while individual taxes will be simplified. These proposals will require US Congress approval before implementation.

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  • Pence Brings Home $10 Billion of Indonesia-US Business Deals

    Pence Brings Home $10 Billion of Indonesia-US Business Deals

    The visit of American Vice President Mike Pence to Indonesia was fruitful in terms of investment. A total of 11 commercial and investment deals were signed between Indonesian and US companies that is estimated to have a combined value of USD $10 billion. On Thursday morning (20/04) Pence met Indonesian President Joko Widodo to discuss overcoming obstacles that limit bilateral trade and investment between both nations. One day later Pence departed to Australia.

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  • US Vice President Pence's Visit to Indonesia Meets Resistance

    US Vice President Pence's Visit to Indonesia Meets Resistance

    US Vice President Mike Pence plans to visit Indonesia next week. Indonesia is Pence's third stop during his April 15-25 Asia-Pacific tour. Aim of this short tour is to safeguard and enhance good relations with several Asia-Pacific nations, including Indonesia, as well as boosting regional security cooperation. However, there is plenty of resistance to Pence's visit to Indonesia. Some say he could better cancel the visit as the visit would put the Indonesian government in an awkward position.

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  • Federal Reserve Raises Rate by 0.25%, What's the Impact on Asia?

    Federal Reserve Raises Rate by 0.25%, What's the Impact on Asia?

    In line with expectations, the Federal Reserve raised its benchmark interest rate by 25 basis-points to the range of 0.75 - 1.00 percent on Wednesday (15/03). It was the Fed's third rate hike in the past 15 months. As this hike had already been expected by basically all market participants it was more important to learn the Fed's stance on the pace and number of further rate hikes in 2017. On this matter Fed Chief Janet Yellen remained rather dovish, saying any further hikes in 2017 would be gradual. Wall Street now expects to see two more hikes in 2017.

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  • US Vice President Mike Pence to Visit Indonesia in April 2017

    US Vice President Mike Pence to Visit Indonesia in April 2017

    As part of his Asia-Pacific tour, US Vice President Mike Pence plans to visit Indonesia in April 2017. Any dates have bot been finalized yet and therefore the tour has not been announced officially yet. However, an official within the administration of US President Donald Trump said Pence is making the Asia-Pacific tour next month in order safeguard and enhance good relations with several Asia-Pacific nations.

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  • Trump's Trade Policies Positive for Indonesia's Footwear Industry?

    Trump's Trade Policies Positive for Indonesia's Footwear Industry?

    Indonesia's exports of footwear to the United States (USA) are expected to reach the value of USD $1.5 billion in 2017, up 12 percent year-on-year (y/y) from USD $1.34 billion last year. This increase is expected to come on the back of US President Donald Trump's eagerness to limit imports from China by introducing higher tariffs. This policy should now open up opportunities for Indonesian footwear exporters.

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  • Stocks & Rupiah Indonesia: Trump's Travel Ban Causes Uncertainty

    Stocks & Currency Indonesia: Trump's Travel Ban Causes Uncertainty

    Shares in Asia (as well as US stock futures) are trading lower, while the US dollar is sliding on Monday (30/01) after US President Donald Trump announced to curb immigration into the USA. This move sparked wide criticism at home and abroad, while giving rise to uncertainty about future (unpredictable) US political and economic policies. Since Friday (27/01) refugees from seven predominantly Muslim countries - Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen - are banned (for 90 days) from entering the USA.

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  • Breaking: Donald Trump Sworn in as 45th US President in Washington

    Breaking: Donald Trump Sworn in as 45th US President in Washington

    US president-elect Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th president of the USA at the Capitol in Washington on Friday (20/01). The ceremony was joined by all (still living) former US presidents and first ladies, except for George H.W. Bush and Barbara Bush (due to health issues). The inauguration, which is estimated to cost USD $200 million, was highly secured. However, at several other locations in Washington, activists staged demonstrations. Some of these demonstrations led to broken windows of nearby buildings (on Saturday bigger demonstrations were staged).

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Latest Columns USA

  • Strong Rebound in Indonesia's IHSG, BI Rate Hike Well-Received

    On Friday (14/06), the main stock index of Indonesia (IHSG) jumped 3.32 percent to 4,760.74 points as financial market participants were optimistic about the effects of the higher central bank interest rate that was announced the day before. Moreover, Indonesia's IHSG was supported by a green wave across Asian stock markets, which was partly due to a strong rebound in markets in the United States on Thursday (13/06). Stocks in Indonesia's banking and property sectors were the top-gainers on Friday's trading day.

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  • Indonesia Stock Exchange Falls Amid Domestic and International Concerns

    Indonesia Stock Market Analysis IHSG 13 June 2013 RMA van der Schaar - Richard van der Schaar

    On Thursday (13/06), Indonesia's main stock index (IHSG) could not continue the recovery it had shown on the previous day. The index fell 1.92% to 4,607.66 points amid international and domestic concerns. Investors are worried about central banks' policies and the World Bank's downgrade of global economic growth in 2013. On the domestic side, negative sentiments were brought on by the fuel subsidy issue (and its inflationary impact), the weakening rupiah, the BI rate hike, falling foreign exchange reserves, and the trade deficit.

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  • Indonesia's Main Stock Index (IHSG) Continues its Fall on Tuesday

    For three consecutive days, Indonesia's main stock index (IHSG) had to cope with significant losses. On Tuesday (11/06), the index fell 3.50 percent to 4,609.95 points, considerably below its record high level of 5,214 on 20 May 2013. Foreign investors recorded a net sell of IDR 3.98 trillion (USD $406.1 million) as domestic conditions in Indonesia are unstable. Moreover, investors are concerned about governments (USA and Japan) that want to slow down their stimulus programs as various economic data are showing positive outcomes.

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  • Last Week of May: Continued Upward Movement or a Correction?

    Throughout the month of May, the level of volatility of Indonesia's main stock index (IHSG) has been remarkable and interesting. At the start of the month we were shocked by Standard & Poor's downgrade of Indonesia's credit rating outlook as well as Moody's warning to take similar measures as Indonesia had been slow to deal with its subsidized fuel policy. These issues were able to drag the index down. Moreover, the threat of higher inflation triggers concerns that the index would show its traditional fall in the month of May.

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  • High, Higher, Highest? An Overview of the Performance of Indonesia's IHSG

    Last week, Indonesia's main stock index (IHSG) moved remarkably well. The index managed to set a new record high at 5145.68 points on Friday (17/05/13) as it was pushed up by its strongest pillar of support, the consumer sector. Indonesia's consumer sector rose as much as 8.23 percent last week, while the largest obstacle to growth was the country's mining sector, which experienced a correction of 3.31 percent. What are the underlying reasons of last week's gain towards yet another record high? And is it sustainable?

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  • Import-Export Trade and Investment between USA and Indonesia

    Although the United States continues its traditional focus on direct investments in developed countries, primarily in Western Europe, there has been a significant rise in US investments in Indonesia in recent years. Whereas US investments in the developed economies of Western Europe is mostly found in the financial sector and through holding companies, in developing Asia, the US is more focused on the manufacturing sector due to lower production costs. In the last two years, the US emerged as the second-largest investor in Indonesia after Japan.

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  • The Influence of S&P's Outlook Downgrade on the Indonesia Stock Index (IHSG)

    The Jakarta composite index (IHSG), Indonesia's main stock index, was mixed last week. During the week it lost 53 points or 1.04 percent to finish at the level of 4,925.48. A number of blue chips, such as Bank Mandiri and Astra International, were hit by large sell-offs as the downgrade of S&P's debt outlook for Indonesia's BB+ rating kicked in and triggered serious negative market sentiments. Last week, I already discussed the 'Bloody May' phenomenon, the month that usually results in a correction.

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  • Amid Global Negative Sentiments Indonesia's Main Index (IHSG) Falls 0.32%

    On Friday's trading day, the Indonesia Stock Index (IHSG) started in an upward direction. However, as it felt the impact of European stock indices, that mostly opened lower, the IHSG weakened 0.32 percent to 4,978.51 points. Moreover, most other Asian indices were down (except for Hong Kong's HSI) and thus contributed to the IHSG's fall. Market participants also seem to fear the annual 'May Cycle' of the IHSG, which involves the traditional large-scale selling of IHSG stocks.

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  • Domestic and Foreign Direct Investment in Indonesia Grows Strong in Q1-2013

    Foreign Direct investment in Indonesia Investments

    In Quarter I 2013 (January-March), total investment in Indonesia increased 30.6 percent to IDR 93.0 trillion (US $9.58 billion) compared to the same period in 2012 according to data from the Indonesia Investment Coordinating Board (Badan Koordinasi Penanaman Modal, abbreviated BKPM), a government institution. Of this total amount, about seventy percent is accounted for by foreign direct investment, while the remaining thirty percent constitutes domestic direct investment.

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  • Amid Mixed Markets the Indonesia Stock Index Gains 1.04 Percent

    Most of us expected the Jakarta composite index (IHSG) to weaken on Tuesday 16 April 2013 amid mixed Asian stock indices and significantly weakened American and European indices on Monday (that responded to reports about both China's slowing economic growth and weak economic figures of America). Moreover, bomb explosions at the finish line of the marathon of Boston were expected to complicate the performance of the IHSG. But concerns turned out in vain.

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