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  • Project for Fisheries and Aquaculture for Food Security in Indonesia

    The Indonesian government and the Netherlands-based Wageningen University and Research Center will cooperate in a new bilateral fisheries and aquaculture project. This project, called 'Project for Fisheries and Aquaculture for Food Security in Indonesia' aims to enhance food security and reduce malnutrition in Indonesia through increasing the availability of various fish products on Indonesia's domestic market. The Netherlands and Indonesia together contribute 9 million euro to finance the project.

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  • Export Target of Indonesia's Fishery Sector Revised on Weak Demand

    The Indonesian government has revised its export target for fishery products in 2014 to USD $5.1 billion from USD $5.65 billion. This downward revision has been decided because several export markets, including the United States and Europe, still experience difficulties on their path towards economic recovery, thereby reducing demand for Indonesian fishery products. Although revised, the new target is still much higher than export realization in 2013 when USD $4.2 billion worth of fishery products were exported from Indonesia.

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