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  • Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia Optimistic About Strong Growth

    Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia, one of the leading companies in the carbonated beverages and fruit juices industry in Indonesia, is optimistic that its sales in Southeast Asia's largest economy will grow by double-digit figures in 2018. This would be a great performance considering the light beverages market of Indonesia actually contracted in 2017.

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  • Coca Cola Realized Half of its Investment Commitments in Indonesia

    Worldwide famous brand Coca Cola strengthened its presence in Indonesia by opening a USD $30 million production line in Bekasi (West Java). The new production line is owned by Coca Cola Bottling Indonesia, the local unit of Coca-Cola Amatil (CCA). The latter is the largest bottler and distributor of ready-to-drink beverages in the Asia-Pacific region, and one of the largest bottlers of The Coca Cola Company. CCA operates in Australia (where its headquarters are based), New Zealand, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Fiji and Samoa.

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  • Joko Widodo: Indonesia Intends to Join Trans-Pacific Partnership

    During his state visit to the USA, Indonesian President Joko Widodo told US President Barack Obama that Indonesia intends to join the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal. Currently, 12 countries have joined the TPP, including the USA and Japan, thus creating the world's largest free trade area (an area that covers about 40 percent of world trade). By many analysts the TPP is regarded a counterbalance to the big economic influence of China.

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  • Indonesia Investments' Newsletter of 5 April 2015 Released

    On 5 April 2015, Indonesia Investments released the latest edition of its newsletter. This free newsletter, which is sent to our subscribers once per week, contains the most important news stories from Indonesia that have been reported on our website in the last seven days. Most of the topics involve economic matters such as an analysis of March inflation, the new letter of credit (L/C) policy for key commodity exports, the appointment of Pertamina as operator of the Mahakam block, and more.

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  • Source of Inspiration: Warren Buffett's Top 15 Holdings as of 31 March 2014

    American business tycoon - and perhaps the most famous and successful investor - Warren Buffett has become one of the richest people in the world through his investments skills. Buffett is chairman of Nebraska-based Berkshire Hathaway Inc which has a market cap over USD $200 billion. When studying under Benjamin Graham at Columbia University, Buffett learned that discipline, patience as well as value consistently outperform the market. Below, we provide Warren Buffet's top 15 holdings as of 31 March 2014.

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Latest Columns Coca Cola

  • Coca Cola Company Expands Business in Indonesia

    The Coca Cola Company (TCCC) and its Australia-based subsidiary Coca Cola Amatil (CCA) launched two new production lines at the Coca Cola Amatil Indonesia plant located in Bekasi (West Java) at the start of the week, part of a USD $500 million investment package that will materialize over the next 4 years. TCCC, the US-based multinational beverage manufacturer, is eager to expand its business activities in Indonesia as it considers Indonesia a dynamic and promising market as well as one of the growth engines to achieve its long-term targets.

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