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  • Productivity at Indonesia's Palm Oil Plantations Needs to Rise

    The Indonesian Palm Oil Board (DMSI) says higher productivity is the key to boost Indonesia's crude palm oil (CPO) production. Amid international pressure, particularly after the devastating forest fires on Sumatra and Kalimantan in the second half of 2015, Indonesian President Joko Widodo announced to issue a five-year moratorium on new palm oil concessions to limit the expansion of oil palm plantations in Indonesia. Although Indonesian authorities want to see rising CPO output (in order to safeguard foreign exchange earnings and create employment opportunities), further growth should come on the back of rising productivity, not by adding new plantations.

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  • Crude Palm Oil Update: El Nino Impacts on Indonesia's 2016 CPO Production

    Production of crude palm oil (CPO) in Indonesia is estimated to rise to 33 million tons in 2016, roughly 500,000 tons lower than the initial forecast as the El Nino weather phenomenon is expected to impact on agricultural output by causing an extended dry season in Southeast Asia (that will perhaps last beyond December). This year, Indonesia, the global leading CPO producer and exporter, is expected to produce 31.5 million tons. Reduced output in Indonesia may support palm oil prices.

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  • Indonesian Palm Oil Exports May Decline to 20 Million Tons in 2014

    The Indonesian Palm Oil Board (DMSI) expects exports of Indonesian crude palm oil (CPO) as well as its derivatives to fall about six to ten percent to 19-20 million tons in 2014 (from last year's export realization of 21.2 million tons). Lower CPO exports are primarily the result of Indonesia's mandatory biodiesel program which leads to increased domestic consumption of CPO. Traditionally, Indonesia exports about 75 percent of its total CPO production, particularly to the giant economies of China and India.

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  • Palm Oil Industry Indonesia Update: Progressive Import Tax France

    The crude palm oil business received a blow when France announced it plans to impose progressive tax on imports of crude palm oil and its derivatives. French authorities approved a bill on 21 January 2016 that will raise the import tax on palm oil from around 100 euro per ton currently to 300 euro per ton in 2017. This tariff will then be raised to 700 euro per ton in 2019, and to 900 euro per ton in 2020. Through this tax hike France aims to discourage the palm oil industry, hence curtailing global deforestation as well as to protect its citizens from the negative health effects caused by the consumption of palm oil.

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