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  • Turkish Hotel Operators Want Balinese Staff Members

    The hotel industry in Turkey is eager to have Indonesian migrant workers from Bali working at Turkish (3-5 star) hotels. Ilham Achmad, Head of the Indonesian Migrant Workers Placement, Protection and Monitoring Agency (BP3TKI)'s Bali branch, said Balinese workers are wanted by Turkish hotel operators because they are excellent workers for spa therapy services offered at these hotels.

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  • Boosting Automotive Exports to Generate Foreign Exchange Earnings

    Apart from the traditional earnings originating from the export of coal, crude palm oil (CPO) as well as income from the tourism sector, Indonesia aims to increase foreign exchange earnings through boosting exports of cars and automotive parts. The Indonesian Trade Ministry said that it expects the value of exported cars and components to rise to USD $4.8 billion in 2014, a 10 percentage point growth from the USD $4.4 billion worth of earnings recorded in 2013 as Indonesian car producers have been boosting sales abroad.

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  • What Are Indonesia's Top Foreign Exchange Earners?

    Foreign exchange earnings are important assets for a national economy. Therefore, many nations have recently been taking a much more protectionist approach vis-à-vis trade in an effort to strengthen their trade positions, generate trade surpluses, hence see the inflow of more foreign exchange earnings. Foreign exchange assets support a stable local currency as well as economy.

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