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  • Indonesian Banking Sector: J Trust to Buy Bank Mutiara (Bank Century)

    J Trust, a Japan-based company engaged in the finance, real estate, IT system, as well as amusement sectors, is reportedly buying Indonesia’s Bank Mutiara (formerly known as Bank Century). Bank Century made headlines due to a controversial government bail-out in 2008 amid the economic crisis when the bank was said to be on the brink of collapse (the impact of which would spread to other local banks). Bank Century then obtained a capital injection of IDR 6.7 trillion (USD $573 million) from the country's Deposit Insurance Agency (LPS).

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  • Corruption in Indonesia: Budi Mulya Found Guilty in Bank Century Case

    Former Deputy Governor of Indonesia's central bank (Bank Indonesia) Budi Mulya was sentenced to ten years imprisonment and a fine of IDR 500 million on Wednesday (16/07) after being found guilty of self-enrichment and corruption in connection to the government's USD $573 million bailout package for Bank Century in 2008 when, amid the global financial crisis, this bank was on the brink of collapse. However, many disagree that Bank Century was about to collapse as no deep analysis had been conducted on the financial condition of the bank.

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