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Today's Headlines Heavy Equipment Production

  • Heavy Equipment Production & Sales on the Rise in Indonesia

    Production and sales of heavy equipment in Indonesia is recovering more markedly in 2017 on the back of rising activity in the country's mining and construction sectors. Between 2012 and 2015 sales of heavy equipment plunged sharply in Indonesia. In 2016 a modest recovery was seen. This year, the recovery of Indonesia's heavy equipment sector is progressing at a faster pace.

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  • Heavy Equipment Production in Indonesia to Grow 14% in 2017?

    Production of heavy equipment in Indonesia is targeted to grow 14 percent to 4,200 units in 2017, compared to 3,678 produced units in the preceding year. This growth should come on the back of rising activity in the nation's mining sector, particularly Indonesia's coal mining sector, in line with rising commodity prices.

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  • Heavy Equipment Sector Indonesia Remains under Pressure

    Production of heavy equipment in Indonesia continues to slide. In the first half of 2016 Indonesia produced a total of 1,471 heavy equipment units, down 35 percent (y/y) from 2,256 units in the same period one year earlier. Meanwhile, utilization of the nation's installed heavy equipment production capacity plunged from 40 percent to 30 percent over the same period. Overall, the heavy equipment sector of Indonesia has been plagued by weak conditions in the mining and agriculture sectors. The construction sector now forms the main source of heavy equipment sales.

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  • Heavy Equipment Industry Indonesia Plagued by Low Commodity Prices

    Production of heavy equipment in Indonesia fell 23 percent (y/y) to 4,100 units in 2015 due to the weak conditions in the mining and agriculture sectors. Traditionally, most of heavy equipment sales occur in these two sectors. Weak demand caused utilization of the nation's installed production capacity for heavy equipment to fall to 41 percent in 2015 from 51 percent in the preceding year. When fully utilized Indonesia can produce an estimated total of 10,000 units of heavy equipment per year.

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  • Heavy Equipment Market in Indonesia Burdened by Low Commodity Prices

    The production of heavy equipment in Indonesia in the first half of 2014 fell by 25 percent (year-on-year) to 2,292 units. The decline in production is due to the still weak state of the mining and construction sectors in Southeast Asia’s largest economy. Main reasons being the implementation of the mineral ore export ban in January 2014 and low commodity prices, for example coal. Limited construction projects have been undertaken in the first half of 2014 as investors wanted to wait for the results of Indonesia’s legislative and presidential elections first.

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Latest Columns Heavy Equipment Production

  • Indonesia's United Tractors Plagued by Weak Demand for Heavy Equipment

    United Tractors, the largest distributor of heavy equipment in Indonesia, is still facing challenges due to persistently weak demand for heavy equipment amid low commodity prices. Business activity in the agribusiness, mining and infrastructure sectors have slowed This context is expected to lead to slowing net profit for the company in both 2015 and 2016. The company, a subsidiary of Astra International (Indonesia's largest diversified conglomerate), controls a market share of around 40 percent in Indonesia's heavy equipment market.

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