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  • Articles of Association Indonesia - Content and Requirements

    The articles of association of an Indonesian limited liability company (a PT in case of local investment and PT PMA in case of foreign investment) are initially drafted at the establishment of the company. The articles of association form part of the deed of incorporation. In this week’s column we will discuss the provisions which regulate the content of the articles of association and other relevant requirements, which are set out in the Indonesian law number 40 of 2007 (Company Law).

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  • Legalization Status of Company in Indonesia

    In Indonesia a foreign investment limited liability company (PT PMA) and/or local investment limited liability company (PT) must obtain a Minister’s Decree regarding the legalization of the legal entity status of the company, based on article 7 (4) of law number 40 of 2007 (Company Law). In order to obtain such Minister’s Decree, the founders must submit an application to the Minister of Law and Human Rights (Minister). The exact requirements for submitting such legalization application are stated in article 9 (1) Company Law and Minister regulation number 4 of 2014 (Minister Regulation).

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  • Company Types Limited Liability Company Indonesia

    The limited liability company (local PT or foreign PT PMA) in Indonesia is regulated under law number 40 of 2007 (Company Law). The Company Law sets the minimum establishment requirements for a limited liability company, but does not regulate the different company types for limited liability companies in Indonesia. These are regulated in law number 20 of 2008 (SME Law) which essentially differentiates micro companies, small companies, medium companies and large companies. This column will discuss the differences in company types in Indonesia.

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