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  • Company Register for Foreign Companies (PMA) Indonesia

    A company register for limited liability companies (which include foreign companies in the form of PMA) contains specific information about the company. The company register is open for public and therefore can be consulted by third parties in order to obtain general information about a company. Both local (PT) and foreign companies (PMA) are required to submit to and update company data of the Company Register which is maintained by the Minister of Law and Human Rights (Minister) or a designated officer.

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  • Insurance Business in Indonesia: Foreign Investment still Welcome

    Indonesian parliament (DPR) decided not to limit foreign ownership in Indonesian insurance companies. Currently, foreigners can have an 80 percent stake in a local insurance company. A new insurance bill on this matter is expected to be passed in a plenary session next month. This bill will enable foreign investors to continue to own local insurance companies through the share-purchase mechanism at the Indonesia stock exchange (IDX). Another important point in the new bill involves the legal entity of the local insurance firm.

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