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Latest Reports 2015 State Budget

  • Budget Deficit of Indonesia Safe on non-Optimal Government Spending

    One advantage of Indonesia's non-optimal government spending is that it somewhat covers for the shortfall of tax revenue that is expected to occur in 2015. The shortfall in tax collection may reach up to IDR 250 trillion (approx. USD $18 billion) and this failure to meet the government's tax collection target in the 2015 State Budget was the reason behind the resignation of Sigit Priadi Pramudito as Director General of Indonesia's Tax Office. But with government spending estimated to reach only about 90 percent of this year's target, the budget deficit should not go beyond the 2.7 percent of gross domestic product (GDP) mark.

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  • Tax Collection to Miss Target in 2015, Indonesia's Tax Chief Resigns

    The Director General of Indonesia's Tax Office, Sigit Priadi Pramudito, unexpectedly resigned from his post on Tuesday (01/12) as it became increasingly clear that there will be a big shortfall, perhaps up to IDR 250 trillion (approx. USD $18 billion), in the country's tax collection this year. In the Revised 2015 State Budget the Indonesian government targets to collect IDR 1,294.3 trillion (approx. USD $94 billion). Pramudito is the first tax chief to resign from his post in the modern history of Indonesia.

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  • Indonesia's State Budget Deficit Approaching Legally Mandated Cap

    A Finance Ministry official said Indonesia's state budget deficit is likely to exceed the projected IDR 300 trillion (approx. USD $22 billion) in 2015, pushing the deficit to 2.7 percent of Indonesia's gross domestic product (GDP), dangerously close to the maximum 3 percent of GDP cap that is set by a 2003 law. In the original 2015 State Budget the government targeted a budget deficit of 1.9 percent of GDP. This target was then revised to 2.2 percent in September. However, another revision is needed due to poor tax revenue collection.

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  • Indonesia's Budget Deficit Estimated to Reach 2.2% of GDP in 2015

    Indonesia's budget deficit could rise to 2.2 percent of the nation's gross domestic product (GDP) in 2015 (from a projected 1.9 percent of GDP) as the government's tax revenue may fall short of its target. Based on the revised 2015 State Budget, the government targets to collect IDR 1,489 trillion (approx. USD $110 billion) worth of tax money this year. However, as of August 2015 tax revenue collection stood at 45.8 percent of the 2015 target (or approx. IDR 593 trillion).

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  • State Budget 2016 Indonesia: Budget Deficit at 1.9-2.0% of GDP

    The Indonesian government targets to narrow the budget deficit to between 1.9 and 2 percent of gross domestic product (GDP) in 2016 from a projected budget deficit of 2.2 percent of GDP in 2015. Indonesian Finance Minister Bambang Brodjonegoro said on Monday (06/07) that in 2016 the government will continue to prioritize spending on infrastructure development as well as energy and food. President Joko Widodo is scheduled to officially announce the 2016 State Budget in a speech in front of parliament on 16 August 2015.

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  • Infrastructure Development in Indonesia to Accelerate?

    Indonesia’s rapidly growing population in combination with robust economic growth and underinvestment in infrastructure development has resulted in the country’s current lack of quality and quantity of infrastructure. This situation causes a steep increase in logistics costs and blocks efforts to develop and realize national and regional economic potentials (an efficient logistics system is crucial for socioeconomic development of Indonesia). However, government spending on infrastructure development is set to start soon.

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  • Tenders in Indonesia: Infrastructure & Construction Tenders Delayed

    The deadline for tenders for various infrastructure projects in Indonesia has been extended by the Public Works and Public Housing Ministry because it needs more time to determine the number of projects to be offered and to calculate new budget allocations for these projects. Ministry official Hediyanto W. Husaini said that his ministry is optimistic that by early May 2015 all construction projects can be tendered. Currently, only 9,578 construction projects (about 70 percent of total planned projects) can be tendered.

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  • Oil Update Indonesia: Authorities Agree on Oil Production Target

    Indonesia’s Commission VII of the House of Representatives (DPR) - the commission that oversees the country’s energy affairs - and the Indonesian Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources agreed on Wednesday (28/01) to set a 825,000 barrels per day (bpd) oil production target for 2015 in the Revised 2015 State Budget (APBN-P 2015), up from an estimated 794,000 bpd of realized production in 2014. Since its peak production of 1.6 million bpd in 1995, oil output of Indonesia (a former OPEC member) has declined drastically.

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  • Indonesian Authorities Revise Economic Assumptions in 2015 Budget

    The Indonesian government, central bank (Bank Indonesia) and Commission XI of the House of Representatives (DPR) agreed to revise several macroeconomic targets in the Revised 2015 State Budget (APBN-P 2015). The revisions include the country’s economic growth (GDP) pace, the average rupiah exchange rate, and inflation target. In essence, the revisions indicate that Indonesian authorities have become less optimistic about the Indonesian economy in 2015 amid external pressures.

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  • Indonesian Stocks & Rupiah Update: Impact of ECB Quantitative Easing

    The European Central Bank’s decision to introduce a 60 million euro per month bond-buying program (quantitative easing) up to September 2016 - a move to boost the Eurozone economy - has caused positive sentiments in Indonesia as increased global liquidity is expected to benefit emerging markets. The benchmark stock index of Indonesia rose 1.35 percent hence hitting a new all-time high at 5,323.88 points. Meanwhile, the rupiah appreciated 0.23 percent to IDR 12,459 per US dollar based on the Bloomberg Dollar Index.

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Latest Columns 2015 State Budget

  • Indonesia’s House Approves 2015 State Budget; Budget Deficit 2.21% of GDP

    Indonesia’s House of Representatives (DPR) approved the 2015 State Budget on Monday (29/09) that was proposed by the outgoing President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono administration. The budget deficit is now set at IDR 245.9 trillion (USD $20.5 billion), equivalent to 2.21 percent of gross domestic product (GDP), and lower than the 2.32 percent of GDP proposed by the government in both the Financial Memorandum and the Revised 2015 State Budget. However, the accepted budget deficit is still high compared to previous years.

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