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  • Adaro Energy Expands to Indonesia's Water Treatment Sector

    Indonesian coal miner Adaro Energy is not only keen on diversifying its business by including the power generation sector to its portfolio (hence having become an integrated energy company) but it is also eager to add the water treatment sector to its portfolio. This is in line with the central government's program to enhance the nation's clean water supply across the Archipelago.

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  • Indonesia's Supreme Court Says No to Water Supply Privatization

    Indonesia's Supreme Court (Mahkamah Agung) released a verdict on Tuesday (10/10) in which it orders the government to protect and manage the supply of water to citizens, hence stop the privatization of the water supply in Indonesia. This is a slap for the government which had been actively inviting private investment in the nation's infrastructure sector, including the water supply.

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  • Water Pollution in Indonesia Causes Higher Demand for Water Purifiers

    One of the solid growing markets in Indonesia that remains untapped is the water purifier market. Although Indonesia holds six percent of the world’s fresh water resources, the quality of Indonesia’s public piped water is inadequate (contaminated with E. coli, fecal coliforms and other pathogens). Moreover, roughly 80 percent of the Indonesian population lacks access to piped water hence relying on river water for drinking, washing and bathing. However, the water of most Indonesian rivers do not meet drinking water requirements.

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