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  • Trade Balance Indonesia May 2017: Declining on Ramadan Imports

    Indonesia's Statistics Agency (BPS) announced Indonesia's trade surplus stood at USD $474 million in May 2017, significantly below analysts' estimates and the revised April 2017 trade surplus of USD $1.33 billion. Key reason that explains Indonesia's lower trade surplus is rising imports ahead of the Ramadan (the Islamic fasting month) and Idul Fitri celebrations (the festivities that follow after the end of Ramadan).

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  • November Trade Balance Indonesia: "Spectacular" Export Growth

    Indonesia's Statistics Agency (BPS) announced on Thursday (15/12) that the nation's export performance in November 2016 showed a sharp increase. Sasmito Hadi Wibowo, Deputy for Statistics Distribution and Services at BPS, said Indonesia's export growth was "rather spectacular" and gives rise to optimism that global demand and trade have improved. In November Indonesia posted a USD $838 million trade surplus, down from the revised USD $1.24 billion in the preceding month. In all of the first eleven months of 2016, Indonesia recorded a trade surplus.

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  • Trade Balance Indonesia: Exports & Imports Rising in October 2016

    Indonesia recorded a USD $1.21 billion trade surplus in October 2016 according to the latest data from the nation's Central Statistics Agency (BPS). In line with expectations both exports and imports rose last month supported by rising commodity prices (hence boosting the country's export performance) and an increase in machinery and electrical appliance imports into Indonesia. Meanwhile, BPS revised September's trade surplus to USD $1.27 billion, from USD $1.22 billion reported last month.

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  • Trade Balance Indonesia: $900 Million Surplus in June 2016

    Indonesia's latest trade data beat forecasts by quite a distance. According to Statistics Indonesia (BPS), Indonesia's trade balance recorded a monthly surplus of USD $900.2 million in June 2016. Previously, median forecasts expected a USD $300 million surplus. Meanwhile, the nation's trade surplus more than doubled in June from the monthly surplus in the preceding month, supported by strong exports of electronics, auto parts, finished garments, and rubber products. Despite this positive result, there remain some concerns.

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  • Trade Balance Indonesia: $490 Million Surplus in March 2016

    Indonesia's Statistics Agency (BPS) announced today that the nation's trade balance posted a USD $490 million trade surplus in March 2016. In line with analysts' forecasts, Indonesia's March trade surplus shrank considerably from a USD $1.1 billion surplus one month earlier. Indonesia's March exports reached a total of USD $11.79 billion, while imports were recorded at USD $11.30 billion. Although the nation's exports and imports rose compared to the preceding month, there remains ongoing concern about the slumping export/import figures on a year-on-year basis.

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  • Trade Balance Indonesia: $1.14 Billion Surplus in February

    Indonesia's trade surplus was better than expected in February 2016. Today, Indonesia's Statistics agency (BPS) announced that the nation's trade surplus was recorded at USD $1.14 billion in the second month of the year, considerably higher compared to the revised USD $10 million surplus Indonesia recorded in the preceding month. Suryamin, Chairman of BPS, said this surplus was the biggest February surplus in the last five years. Another positive sign is that - although continuing to decline in February - the contraction of Indonesia's exports in February occurred at the slowest rate since October 2014.

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  • Trade Balance Indonesia: Surplus but Disappointing Imports

    Statistics Indonesia (BPS) announced on Monday (15/02) that Indonesia's trade balance turned back into a (small) surplus in January 2016. In the first month of the year, Indonesia posted a trade surplus of USD $50.6 million, beating analyst forecasts. In the preceding two months the country had to cope with a trade deficit. After the news, Indonesia's currency appreciated markedly against the US dollar. However, on a year-on-year (y/y) basis Indonesia's exports and imports are still significantly down and there remains much cause for concern.

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  • Indonesia Posts 7th Straight Trade Surplus in June but Concerns Persist

    Indonesia recorded a USD $477 million trade surplus in June 2015, the country’s seventh consecutive trade surplus. However, according to the latest data from Statistics Indonesia (BPS), released on Wednesday (14/07), Indonesia’s June exports fell 12.8 percent (y/y) to USD $13.4 billion, while imports fell 17.4 percent (y/y) to USD $12.9 billion. These figures show that Indonesia’s trade surplus is primarily caused by weak domestic demand "outperforming" weak global demand, hence raising concerns about global and domestic economic growth.

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  • Export Indonesia: Barack Obama Signs Generalized System of Preference

    One of the reasons why Indonesia’s economic expansion has been slowing in recent years is weak export performance. Amid sluggish global economic growth, particularly slowing growth in China (one of the key trading partners of Indonesia), global demand for commodities and other products have declined. Indonesia, an important commodity exporter, immediately feels the impact of falling demand. However, Indonesian exports to the USA may rise after President Barack Obama signed new legislation related to US import tariffs.

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  • Indonesia’s May Trade Surplus $950 Million, Concern about Falling Imports

    Badan Pusat Statistik (Statistics Indonesia) announced today (15/06) that Indonesia posted a USD $950 million trade surplus in May 2015, the sixth consecutive monthly trade surplus and higher than the earlier projected USD $600 million. Although the trade surplus is positive news, a closer look at the data shows that domestic and global activity has weakened as Indonesian imports fell 21.4 percent (y/y) to USD $11.6 billion, while exports fell 15.2 percent to USD $12.6 billion in May, the eight straight month of falling imports and exports.

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Latest Columns Trade Balance Indonesia

  • Trade Balance Indonesia Update: $1 Billion Surplus in September 2015

    Indonesia posted a USD $1.02 billion trade surplus in September 2015, higher than analysts' estimates and up from a revised USD $328 million trade surplus recorded in the preceding month. It was the tenth consecutive monthly trade surplus for Indonesia. However, the country's September trade surplus is primarily the result of rapidly declining imports, reflecting weak investment growth and weak consumption in Southeast Asia's largest economy.

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  • Trade Balance Update Indonesia: $20 Million Surplus in October 2014

    After having recorded a trade deficit for several months, Indonesia finally posted a USD $20 million trade surplus in October 2014, according to data from the country’s Central Statistics Agency (BPS) released on Monday (01/12). Exports in October amounted to USD $15.35 billion, while imports were recorded at USD $15.33 billion. The improvement in Indonesia’s trade balance was mainly on the back of growth in the country’s non-oil & gas sector exports. This sector saw a surplus of USD $1.13 billion (up from USD $760 million in September).

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