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  • Boosting Certainty through Indonesia's Land Certification Program

    Boosting Certainty through Indonesia's Land Certification Program

    The government of Indonesia will raise efforts to accelerate the land certification program. By 2025 it targets all land across Indonesia to be certified, hence no longer being plagued by unclarity regarding the legal status of land. Sofan Djalil, Minister of Land and Spatial Planning, said his ministry targets to issue 1.03 million new land certificates this year, followed by five million in 2017, seven million in 2018, and nine million in 2019. After 2019, the ministry targets to issue 10 million land certificates per year. Clarity about land ownership improves social justice and makes infrastructure projects less difficult.

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  • Batang Plant: Test Case for Indonesia's Land Acquisition Act

    Batang Plant: Test Case for Indonesia's Land Acquisition Act

    Land acquisition remains a major obstacle to infrastructure development in Indonesia. Full-scale construction of the USD $4 billion Batang plant, a 2 GW coal-fired power plant in Central Java, is waiting for the final ruling of Indonesia's Supreme Court near the year-end. This court case is an important one as it will be the first court case to test Indonesia's Law No.2/2012 on Land Procurement for Development in the Public Interest (known as the 'Land Acquisition Act'). The Batang plant is a public-private partnership (PPP) project.

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  • Land Rights Indonesia Available to Foreign Investors

    Based on Indonesian Law 5 of 1960 on the Basic Provisions concerning the Fundamentals of Agrarian Affairs (Land Law), only Indonesian citizens are able to fully own Indonesian land. The rights of foreigners and foreign investment companies to own land are limited. In this column we will provide an overview of the types of land rights available to foreign investors in Indonesia: hak guna-usaha (the right to cultivate), hak guna-bangunan (the right to build), and hak pakai (the right to use).

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