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  • From Now On Only Cashless Payments at Indonesia's Toll Roads

    Starting from today (Tuesday 31 October 2017) all toll roads in Indonesia only accept e-money (effectively ending the use of cash for payments at the toll road exit or entrance gates). This is part of the government's ambition to create a cashless society (hence becoming a more efficient and transparent society).

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  • Per 31 October No More Cash Payments at Indonesia's Toll Roads

    Per 31 October 2017 payments on Indonesia's toll roads will be done entirely non-cash, using electronic money. This policy is part of authorities' ambition to create a cashless society and is expected to speed up the payment process at the toll roads, hence easing severe traffic congestion.

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  • Few Enthusiasm for Cashless Toll Road System in Indonesia

    While authorities plan to have scrapped cash payments altogether at the nation's toll road booths by October 2017, most Indonesians continue to use cash when paying for toll road tickets. Based on the latest data, only 28 percent of toll road payments in June were done using electronic money. The plan to end cash payments at toll roads is part of the country's push for a cashless society.

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