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  • State Budget Proposal Indonesia: Slight Rupiah Weakening Expected

    The Indonesian government proposed the rupiah value at IDR 13,500 per US dollar in the 2018 State Budget (that still requires approval from the House of Representatives). This implies the government expects the rupiah to depreciate modestly in the period ahead. Currently, the rupiah is trading at IDR 13,356 per US dollar (21/08). In the Revised 2017 State Budget the rupiah value target was set at IDR 13,400 per US dollar.

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  • Kalbe Farma to Produce Erythropoietin (EPO) for Indonesia

    Kalbe Farma, Indonesia's largest pharmaceutical company, is set to start marketing its erythropoietin product (also known as EPO) domestically. Starting from mid-2018 Kalbe Farma will produce EPO, one of the raw materials for the production of medicines to treat cancer and kidney disease. The pharmaceutical company will become the first publicly listed company on the Indonesia Stock Exchange that produces EPO.

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  • Pharmaceutical Firm Kalbe Farma Facing Macroeconomic Headwinds

    Indonesia's largest pharmaceutical company, Kalbe Farma, felt the impact of macroeconomic headwinds. The company, one of the largest public pharmaceutical companies in Southeast Asia, today announced its indicative performance (unaudited) for the year 2015. While its net sales grew 3 percent year-on-year (y/y) to IDR 17.4 trillion (approx. USD $1.3 billion), the company's net income fell 4.3 percent (y/y) to IDR 1.98 trillion (approx. USD $147 million). Kalbe Farma's performance in 2015 was plagued by weaker purchasing power in Indonesia and the depreciated rupiah exchange rate.

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  • Indonesia Leads Gains in Asian Stock & Currency Markets

    Indonesia again led gains in Asia amid global relief due to the possible delay in an US interest rate hike. Indonesia's benchmark Jakarta Composite Index rose 2.35 percent to 4,445.78 points, while the Indonesian rupiah appreciated 1.81 percent to IDR 14,241 per US dollar according to the Bloomberg Dollar Index on Tuesday (06/10). After seeing the release of weak US non-farm payrolls on Friday (02/10) - triggering the assumption that US labor conditions are not strong enough to absorb an interest rate increase - global equity markets and emerging market currencies rebounded.

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  • Corporate & Financial Headlines in Indonesia: Daily Market Roundup

    What were the important corporate news headlines from Indonesia on Thursday 14 August 2014? Below Indonesia Investments presents the daily market roundup. This includes the following companies and topics: XL Axiata, Telekomunikasi Indonesia (Telkom), Kalbe Farma, Telekomunikasi Seluler, Telkomsel, Golden Agri Resources, Matahari Putra Prima, Loop card, Lippo Group, Hypermarts, the Industry Ministry of Indonesia, technology businesses, and the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC).

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  • Daily Market Roundup: Corporate & Financial News Indonesian Markets

    What is the most important corporate news from Indonesia on Monday 11 August 2014? Here we present the daily market roundup. This includes following companies: Unilever Indonesia, Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corp, Krakatau Steel, Bumi Resources, Humpuss Intermoda Transportasi, MNC Sky Vision, Kalbe Farma, Logindo Samudramakmur, Multi Bintang Beer, Sebuku Iron Lateritic Ores, the Sarulla Operation Limited consortium, Mandiri Tunas Finance, Bank Internasional Indonesia (BII), and the Kuala Namu-Tebing Tinggi Toll Road.

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  • Indonesian Stocks: Investor33 Index Outperforms Jakarta Composite Index

    The recently launched Investor33 Index has outperformed both the benchmark stock index of Indonesia (Jakarta Composite Index or IHSG), which contains all stocks that are listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange, and the LQ45 Index, a stock index which contains 45 Indonesian listed companies that fulfil certain criteria. In the first six months of 2014, the Investor33 Index climbed 16.36 percent, whereas the IHSG increased 14.14 percent and the LQ45 Index 15.68 percent.

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  • New Index Investor33 Launched by Beritasatu Media Holdings and IDX

    Beritasatu Media Holdings in cooperation with the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) officially launched its Index Investor33 on Friday (21/03). This index consists of 33 listed companies at the IDX that share strong fundamentals, assessed through both technical and fundamental analyses. According to Hoesen, Director of Corporate Valuation at the IDX, the 33 companies have influenced the performance of the Jakarta Composite Index (Indonesia's benchmark stock index) considerably in recent years.

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  • How Big Indonesian Pharmaceutical Firms Cope with Rupiah Weakness

    One of the national industries that is heavily affected by the weak rupiah exchange rate is Indonesia's pharmaceutical industry. Considering around 90 percent of raw materials in the pharmaceutical industry need to be imported from abroad (in US dollars), production costs rise sharply in times of significant rupiah depreciation. It is estimated that materials imported from abroad account for about 75 percent of pharmaceutical companies' total production costs.

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  • Daily Indonesian Market Roundup: Corporate & Financial Headlines

    What is the most important corporate news from Indonesia on Tuesday 12 August 2014? Here we present the daily market roundup. This includes following companies: Bank Internasional Indonesia, Kalbe Farma, Sri Rejeki Isman (Sritex), Phapros, Siloam International Hospitals, Asia Resource Minerals, Bumi Resources, Kao Corporation, Garuda Indonesia as well as June 2014 retail sales (Bank Indonesia survey), and the 10 years’ imprisonment demand for suspended Banten Governor Ratu Atut Chosiyah.

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  • Indonesia's Economic Growth and Top Companies in Consumer Industries

    It is no secret that Indonesia's economy has been booming in recent years and is appearing more and more on the radars of foreign investors. In the 2000s it was the commodities sector that brought much profit for Indonesian companies that were engaged in the extraction of natural resources such as coal, palm oil, and rubber. The outbreak of the global financial crisis in the late 2000s, however, ended the commodities boom abruptly, while other sectors came to the fore as Indonesia's new gold mines.

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