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  • Indonesian Market Update: Various Financial Reports and Stock Listing News

    Today, various announcements were made by Indonesian companies regarding financial reports, bond issuance and initial public offerings (IPOs). This today's headline compiles the most important announcements below. It covers annual net profit reports of Bank Internasional Indonesia, Tower Bersama Infrastructure and Bank Tabungan Pensiunan Nasional, a bond issuance of Bank Tabungan Negara, and IPOs of GMF AeroAsia and a Kompas Gramedia Group unit.

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  • Corporate Earnings Reports Indonesian Companies First Half of 2015

    A selection of corporate earnings reports (covering net profit and revenues in the first half of 2015) of Indonesian companies that are listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) is presented by Indonesia Investments below. The companies are categorized by sector: (1) agriculture and mining, (2) basic industry and chemicals, (3) miscellaneous industry, (4) consumer goods, (5) property and real estate, (6) infrastructure, utilities and transportation, (7) finance, and (8) trade, services and investment.

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  • Debt of Indonesia Rising but Healthy with Public Debt-to-GDP Ratio at 28.7%

    Total government debt of Indonesia rose IDR 781 trillion (USD $64.5 billion) between 2009 and 2013 to IDR 2,371.39 trillion (USD $196 billion). This growing outstanding government debt is mainly caused by government loans to finance its State Budgets (APBN) as well as recent sharp rupiah depreciation (as part of this debt is denominated in foreign currencies). In the same period, Indonesia's per capita debt rose from IDR 6.8 million (USD $561) to IDR 8.6 million (USD $710), a 26.4 percent growth.

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  • Market Waits for Indonesia's Inflation Data and Financial Company Reports

    Indonesia's main stock index (IHSG) increased 3.98 points to close at 4,724.41 on the last trading day (19/07). During last week, the index rose a limited 1.97 percent amid the context of a weakening IDR rupiah (Indonesia's currency even fell below the psychological boundary of IDR 10,000 against the US dollar). The IHSG's performance last week was mainly supported by rising shares in the country's finance, property, construction and metal mining sectors, while the cement and plantation sectors were corrected.

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