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  • Jokowi Wants More Companies to List on Indonesia Stock Exchange

    After having encouraged capital inflows into Indonesia through the tax amnesty program, Indonesian President Joko Widodo now also urges those multinational companies that operate in Indonesia but are listed abroad to go-public on the Indonesia Stock Exchange. He particularly targets those companies that generate more than 50 percent of their revenue from Indonesia, or, have more than 50 percent of their total assets in Indonesia.

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  • Indonesia Stock Exchange Pushes for Dual Listing in New York

    The Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) encourages those companies listed in Indonesia to list their shares on other exchanges as well, particularly the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). Through such dual listings Indonesian companies can manage to attract more global attention and investors. IDX President Director Tito Sulistio said the IDX has sent 100 invitations to locally-listed companies to visit the NYSE in order to learn more about the possibility to engage in a dual listing.

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  • Indonesia Stock Exchange Urges HM Sampoerna to Issue More Shares

    With the new minimum requirement regarding the free float of shares (the portion of shares that are in the hands of public investors) at 7.5 percent of a company’s total enlarged capital, the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) urges companies that do not meet this requirement to conduct a rights issue in order to raise the number of publicly issued shares. One of these companies is HM Sampoerna, Indonesia's largest tobacco company. Currently, 98.18 percent of the company is owned by international cigarette and tobacco giant Philip Morris.

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  • New Minimum Share Requirement and Listing Fee for Listed Companies

    The Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) will increase the minimum ratio of shares that need to be listed on the IDX by a listed company. Through Regulatory No. I-A regarding the Listing of Shares & Equity Securities other than Shares Issued by Listed Companies (Peraturan Nomor I-A tentang Pencatatan Saham dan Efek Bersifat Ekuitas yang Diterbutkan oleh Perusahaan Tercatat), the minimum ratio of publicly issued shares is 7.5% of a company's total enlarged capital. If companies will not comply, they may face de-listing from the IDX.

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  • Corporate Earnings Reports Indonesia's Listed Companies H1 2017

    Here Indonesia Investments presents a selection of first half 2017 corporate earnings reports of Indonesian companies that are listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX), categorized by sector: (1) agriculture and mining, (2) basic industry and chemicals, (3) miscellaneous industry, (4) consumer goods, (5) property and real estate, (6) infrastructure, utilities and transportation, (7) finance, and (8) trade, services and investment. The tables below display both net profit (or loss) and revenues, together with year-on-year (y/y) growth (or decline).

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  • Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) Wants to Be ASEAN's Biggest by 2020

    The Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) is serious about becoming the largest stock exchange in the ASEAN region - in terms of transaction value and the number of listed companies - by the year 2020. Currently, Singapore remains the largest stock exchange in the ASEAN region with a market capitalization of about USD $640 billion (in 2015), nearly twice the size of Indonesia's stock exchange (the market capitalization is the number of total outstanding shares at the exchange multiplied by their stock prices).

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  • Several Indonesian Companies Cut 2015 Dividend Pay-Outs

    A number of companies listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) have already announced their dividend pay-out ratios for 2015. Ten companies set the pay-out ratio for 2015 below the pay-out ratio in the preceding year. It is assumed that these firms cut back on dividend payments to shareholders in order to have more working capital and room for capital expenditure and investment as the Indonesian economy is expected to accelerate in 2016 with a GDP growth pace of 5.3 percent (y/y). Amid this improving macroeconomic context, these firms prefer to invest for further business expansion.

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  • Investor Awards 2013: Indonesia's Best Performing Listed Companies

    Investor Magazine, a well-known Indonesian financial news magazine, has released its annual ranking of Indonesia's top performing listed companies. In the 2013 edition, the Indonesian magazine named five companies that performed exceptionally well during the year 2012, when 464 companies were listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX). These five companies are divided in size of market capitalization. The magazine also picked one favorite company for each sector.

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  • Investing in Indonesia: a basic Introduction to the Indonesia Stock Exchange

    This column is the first in a series of columns about investing in Indonesia, in particular about investing in its capital markets. These columns are written by David Sutyanto, research analyst at First Asia Capital, and - as this column is the starting point - he will provide a short and broad outline of the Indonesian capital markets for now. Later, his columns will contain topics that delve more deeply into the capital markets, such as listed companies, and much more.

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