Semen Indonesia: the Largest Cement Producer in Indonesia

Semen Indonesia, formerly known as Semen Gresik, is Indonesia's largest cement producer. The company, which is one of the few Indonesian companies that has spread its wings abroad for business expansion, forms the holding company of three large cement producers: Semen Gresik (East Java), Semen Padang (West Sumatra) and Semen Tonasa (South Sulawesi). Although the company lost a couple of percentage points in terms of market share, it still dominates Indonesia's lucrative cement industry.

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Future Forecast of Semen Indonesia's Financial Highlights:

        2011       2012      2013F      2014F      2015F
Net Revenue    16,378.8    19,598.0    23,148.0    25,106.0    27,473.0
Net Income     3,925.4     4,848.0     5,298.0     5,712.0     5,486.0
EBITDA     5,402.0     7,136.0     8,250.0     8,949.0     9,263.0
P/E Ratio (x)        23.6        19.1        17.5        16.3        16.9

in billion Rupiah (IDR), except stated otherwise
Source: Investor Daily