• Rising Logistics Costs after Higher Prices of Subsidized Fuels in Indonesia

    It has been more than a week since the Indonesian government raised its subsidized fuel prices (Pertalite, Pertamax, and automotive diesel fuel) by an average of slightly over 26 percent. One of the most interesting things is to see whether this decision leads to overall growing prices in Indonesian society. After all, fuel is crucial for the movement of goods and services, and has a significant impact on logistics costs.

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  • FHTB 2022 Accelerates the Revival of Indonesia’s Tourism Industry

    Bali, 8 September 2022 – The global pandemic was a massive hit to the tourism industry worldwide, but now, the industry is reviving along with the better world situation. Aiming to support Indonesia’s reviving tourism industry, PT Pamerindo Indonesia positively responds to this promising condition by presenting the return of Food, Hotel & Tourism Bali (FHTB) 2022, which is the largest International Hospitality, Food & Beverage Trade Exhibition in Eastern Indonesia.

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  • The Benefits Of Investing In A Good Internet Speed For Your Business

    In the current day and age, having a digital footprint is a must for any business. With remote work and further reaching customers on digital platforms, high internet speed is no longer a luxury. It has become an essential component of running any business. The returns of investing in a good internet speed are many. However, the most crucial impact of it can be witnessed in terms of boosting the productivity and efficiency of an organization. Here is how investing in a good internet speed can benefit your business.

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