Indonesia's stock index (IHSG) fell 1.80 percent to 4,301.89 points.

Asian stock indices were mostly down on Wednesday (13/11) as concerns about the looming end of the Federal Reserve's USD $85 billion per month stimulus program hightened. Moreover, market participants seem to be somewhat disappointed with results of the communist party's meeting in China, which seem to lack strategic steps to support China's economic growth. Some positive economic data that was released included South Korea's stable unemployment rate, higher consumer confidence in Australia, and higher machinery orders in Japan.

The euro currency was restrained because of slowing factory output in the Eurozone, while economic growth remains modest. For market participants this is a reason to buy US dollars. The dollar is still showing a strengthening trend after speculation emerged that the Federal Reserve may start to begin tapering off the stimulus program in December 2013. Moreover, the Japanese yen also depreciated as Japan's central bank may increase its stimulus program next month. The appreciation of the yen was also partly responsible for the 0.57 percent decline of the rupiah exchange rate today (13/11).

| Source: Bank Indonesia