What do we discuss in this December 2023 report?

First, we present an in-depth analysis of solar power in Indonesia. So far, Indonesia has not tapped its potential in terms of solar energy. However, this renewable energy source is perhaps the most interesting one among the renewables for reasons we discuss further in the article.

The Indonesian government targets to develop an integrated solar energy ecosystem, from the mining of quartz sand to the manufacturing of solar cells and panels. This would prevent the need to import millions of solar panels from China.

In the article we zoom in on the factors that have been undermining the development of solar power in Indonesia, such as the changing regulatory environment (with a new revision in the making that might make it less attractive for households to opt for solar energy) and weak cooperation/coordination between separate government institutions or state-owned enterprises.

Second, as usual, we present an update on the economy of Indonesia. We take a look at a number of reports by international institutions to learn their latest views on the Indonesian economy. And we take a look at some of the key macroeconomic data of the country to make our own analysis.

Third, Indonesia's legislative and presidential elections are only around five or six weeks from now. And so, it is important to take a look at the latest developments. Two debates are now in the bag, but who made the best impression on us?

Lastly, we present a couple of articles on inflation, trade, manufacturing, monetary policy and the rupiah.

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