HM Sampoerna (HMSP) and Astra International (ASII) account for 7.68 and 5.69 percent respectively of total market capitalization of the Indonesia Stock Exchange. As such, both these companies are the dominating forces in the stock market. Interestingly enough, both companies are foreign-owned. Philip Morris Indonesia, subsidiary of the international cigarette and tobacco giant, bought 97.95 percent of HM Sampoerna's stock equity in 2005, while Singapore-based Jardine Cycle & Carriage Ltd, subsidiary of the Jardine Matheson Group, owns 50.11 percent of Astra International's stock equity.

Top Market Capitalization Indonesian Companies:

                  End 2011                   End 2012               17 May 2013
    Company IDR trillion     Company IDR trillion     Company IDR Trillion
Astra International    299.58 Astra International    307.68 HM Sampoerna     385.70
Bank Central Asia    195.27 HM Sampoerna    262.52 Astra International     285.41
HM Sampoerna    170.94 Bank Central Asia    222.12 Bank Central Asia     268.49
BRI    164.85 Bank Mandiri    187.11 Telkom     240.91
Bank Mandiri    155.93 Telkom    182.45 Unilever     238.44
Unilever    143.44 BRI    169.74 Bank Mandiri     232.15
Telkom    142.13 Unilever    159.09 BRI     228.35

Source: Investor Daily