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  • Indonesia’s Consumer Confidence Falls in the First Half of 2015

    Although consumer confidence among Indonesian consumers remained relatively high, there has been a decline detected in 2015. Consumer optimism has fallen as Indonesia’s economy is growing at its slowest pace in six years due to worldwide low commodity prices (giving rise to Indonesia’s weak export performance), China's economic slowdown, uneven recoveries in the US and Europe, while spending of the Indonesian government remained weak (amid bureaucratic hurdles and difficult land acquisition for projects).

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  • Economic Growth Brings High Consumer Confidence in Indonesia

    According to research conducted by Nielsen Indonesia, Indonesia's middle class is the world's most optimistic middle class segment in the second quarter of 2013. Indonesia leads the Nielsen Global Survey of Consumer Confidence and Spending Intentions index with 124 points, followed by the Philippines (121 points) and India (118 points). The average global consumer index stands at 94 points. It is interesting to note that Asian countries top the index. The emerging Asia Pacific region is far above the 94-points average with 105 points.

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